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A User’s Guide To Azoospermia

You’ve just been given what might be the worst news of your life. After trying unsuccessfully to have a child, you find out that you are sterile, no sperm, nada. “Azoospermic,” they told you. Now what?

We have had an overwhelming number of people reach out to us from all over the world seeking help for azoospermia. In response to this need, here are some real, down to earth, honest to goodness, helpful resources for you: Continue Reading

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Hidden Dangers of the Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic diet and its imitators make an assertion that the reason why modern people is so fat and unhealthy is that the food we eat is bad for us, unsuited to the body that our ancestors evolved by consuming the foods they enjoyed during primitive times.

But there’s an important fact they don’t put in their advertising: the life expectancy of our prehistoric ancestors was about 25 years of age, with only about a quarter of individuals living past age 40, and even by the time of their death, they faced many serious health problems, some of which were related to their diets.
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My Summer with Dad

He was one tough old bird. Born to a rural Slovakian family with German roots in the high Tatra mountains for over 1,000 years, he became a blacksmith in his teens, and a craftsman for the rest of his life. He grew up incredibly resilient, self reliant and practical. One of my oldest friends and a career Marine, said of him: “I remember your Dad. He scared the crap out of me when we were little.”

With his large, calloused but gentle hands, he could build or fix anything. He was a master of “manual intelligence,” a man who self worth was defined not by “chattering interpretations of himself” but by the simple fact that “the building stands, the car now runs, the lights are on.” Maybe that’s what led his son to become a surgeon,proud to carry on the “craft” tradition in the family. Continue Reading

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Reminders for Men and Women during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September marks Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and as a result, women throughout the United States have a valuable addition to their to-do list.  We are urging women to take advantage of this month, and remind the men in their lives to get screened.  According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, 1 in 6 men are affected by prostate cancer in the US.  This makes it the most common cancer in America after skin cancer. This year, there is an estimated 238,000 men who will be diagnosed with the disease – many with almost no symptoms – and more than 30,000 men will lose their life to it.

If detected early, the cure rate for prostate cancer is almost 100%.  This means that most men who are diagnosed at an early stage will be disease-free after 5 years.  These shocking statistics reiterate the importance of getting screened and staying one step ahead of this “silent killer”.  Additionally, men should know they are not alone; more than 2.5 million men are living with prostate cancer in America. Fortunately there are many viable treatment options available for prostate cancer and a cure is possible.

What men and women should be most aware of this month is that “the silent killer” doesn’t have to kill. Understanding prostate cancer and respecting its unfortunate, but significant, roll in our lives is key.

Preventative care is the easiest way to save your life. Below are four simple reminders about prostate cancer: Continue Reading

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Sick of Snoring? Understand Your Treatment Options

A man in Idaho recently tried to perform his own sinus surgery. He had been told he needed sinus surgery to stop snoring, and when he realized he couldn’t possibly afford the procedure, he decided to do it himself. He drank hard for a week straight, then inserted straws in his nose and hit himself in the face with a door to break his nose. He was arrested because when his family and friends tried to stop them, he threatened them with a bayonet affixed to a rifle. When the police came, he was so ashamed of himself that he initially claimed he’d been jumped and beaten, only later admitting to his improvised surgery. Continue Reading


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