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Cycling Toward Childlessness?

She looks at me earnestly, searching for approval and says: “I’ve made sure that he stopped bicycling as I have read that it’s bad for his fertility, right?” Not so fast.

Saddle Sore

There is hard data to suggest that bicycling long enough can impair erections, especially if the saddle results in pelvic numbness. But fertility? Not the same story by any means.

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An Interview with Dr. Jeffry Life

tamh - jeffry life before and afterSixteen years ago, Dr. Jeffry Life was practicing family medicine in Pennsylvania. He was overweight, a borderline diabetic, and so out of shape that he got winded climbing a single flight of stairs. “I wasn’t a very good role model for my patients,” he says. At the suggestion of one of those patients, Life started reading some articles in a fitness magazine about nutrition, getting rid of belly fat, and gaining muscle.

One of the issues featured the winners of a contest called the Body-for-LIFE Challenge. Life was so inspired by the before and after photos that he decided to enter the Challenge himself. He sent in his before pictures, hired a nutritionist and a trainer and got to work. Five months later—and 30 pounds lighter—he sent in his after pictures and became the Challenge’s 1998 Grand Champion. It was one week before his 60th birthday.

Things were going great, but over the course of the next five years, Life gradually started losing muscle mass and strength and began gaining back some of the belly fat he’d lost. He felt sluggish and his sex drive all but disappeared. He had a number of blood tests and found that levels of two hormones—testosterone and growth hormone—were quite low.

Under the care of doctors at the Cenegenics Medical Institute, his energy levels picked up and he again lost weight—especially around the belly. He was so impressed with the results that he decided to switch the focus of his medical practice from family medicine to age management.

We had a chance to speak with Dr. Life, whose latest book is The Life Plan Diet, about his amazing transformation and his commitment to helping men just like him live life to their fullest.
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Men Are (Really Quite) Complicated

He stared back at me, his face blank. He didn’t like my answer. We had examined the known genetic causes of azoospermia and had come up dry. “I really don’t know why you’re azoospermic, but I’d say it’s still very likely to be genetic, but currently undefined.” Not much to work with, but it’s where we are at the moment.

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The New Prostate Health Index Test

In 2003, 220,900 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed.  This number is estimated to reach 450,000 by 2015. In order to diagnose these new cases, there are roughly 1.5 million prostate biopsies per year with about 25 million men who have had at least one negative biopsy.  How can we improve diagnosis and treat all these patients?  Ideally, through a non-invasive, low cost, and effective therapy.  With a new, a three-pronged blood test, this improved standard of care may already be here.

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Taking Skin Out of the Game

“I think I need to be cut, Doc.” He was 18-years old and his sexuality was flowering. I really couldn’t think of even half a reason to do a circumcision on him.

But then he went on: “It’s getting hard to pee, and it hurts to have sex.” Ok, so maybe something really is going on. I had a look. When I tried to pull the uncircumcised skin back on his penis, I couldn’t. No one could. All I could see was a pinhole opening and glimpse of a penis beneath it. Yup, phimosis. And a pretty bad case at that. The ring of skin around the hole was pale, like scar tissue. It’s likely that he had it since birth. And now it was restricting the flow of urine and possibly semen.

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