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Men and the Flu: Are We Really the Stronger Sex?

The image of the sniffling, sneezing man, wrapped in a bathrobe, and being waited on by his long-suffering-but-perfectly healthy wife is always good for a few chuckles and snorts about how women are actually the stronger sex. And, although most guys don’t want to admit it, when it comes to fighting off colds, the flu, and pretty much any bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic infection, there’s some science to back up those chuckles and snorts.

In fact, scientists have known for years that men’s immune systems aren’t as hardy as women’s, but they never understood why. A team of researchers from Stanford University may have just answered that question—at least partly—and the culprit may be the one thing that makes men men.
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The Financially Healthy Man – A Health Insurance Tax Guide.

The 2015 tax season is here! Exciting right? Well maybe it isn’t as exciting as signing up for a CrossFit class or starting a mindful eating program but it is close to as important to be financially savvy as it is to be physically healthy. The two are actually more connected than you might think, specifically when it comes to filing taxes.

So now that you have signed up for 2015 health insurance, what is next? Well the answer that is coming to most people’s mind this time of the year is taxes. With April 15th (Tax Day) right around the corner it is important to get your tax returns ready. But don’t completely forget about that shiny new health plan you signed up for because it will affect how you fill out your tax returns.

Here is a breakdown of what you need to know by tax forms if you signed up for coverage through the Marketpace.

Form 1095-A

If you enrolled in marketplace coverage in 2014 you should be receiving this form by early February 2015. The 1095-A form is used to determine how much tax credit you are eligible for. Because you will have already filled this out when applying for coverage all you need to do when you get this form in the mail is make sure the information is up-to-date. If something is incorrect you can go here to get a corrected 1095-A form. You might also receive more than one 1095-A form if anyone in your household switched plans or had a life change (getting married, having a baby, etc.). So don’t be alarmed if you get more than one.

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Your Health After Divorce

It’s a startling fact that approximately 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. That number has been on the rise for years and in all likelihood, will continue to grow.

Being unhappy in your relationship can have numerous detrimental health effects and speaking from personal experience, I can tell you first hand that being unhappily married can drain your passion, energy, confidence, and interest in just about everything.

Living in a miserable relationship can look like any number of things. For some men, it’s an excuse to go out with your buddies at every opportunity. For others, it’s hiding away in the basement watching television or playing video games as a way to avoid the reality of the relationship.

And for others it comes in the form of silent suffering and a complete withdrawal from life. Given that there were roughly 875,000 divorces in the U.S. last year, it’s probably safe to assume that there are millions of terribly unhappy men right now.
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When Sleeping Giants Awake

In the Dune miniseries by David Lynch, a tremor felt in the desert of Arrakis usually meant that a huge, quarter-mile-long sand worm would soon surface and inhale acres of sand and anything on it. But these giant creatures, as dominating as they are, were also the only source of the spice mélange, a substance that increased the vitality, awareness and lifespan of those who consumed it. Well, fee fi fo fum, a gentle giant that imparts immortality and long health!

Gulliver’s Travels’ gentle giants. Fee fi fo fum! (Courtesy:

It’s the Feds!

Well another gentle giant awoke this past week. One of our federal healthcare bodies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, formally announced their interest and commitment to the future of men’s health. Continue Reading

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Distant family history indicates prostate cancer risk

New research says having a distant relatives with prostate cancer can indicate a man’s risk of developing the disease himself, according to a new study from the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah. The study was recently published in the journal Prostate.

Having a family history of prostate cancer is one of the major risk factors indicating a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. When a man has a father or brother with prostate cancer, their risk for developing the disease increases to more than double, according to the American Cancer Society. It is typical for clinicians to ask patients about first-degree relatives, but not so much second-degree relatives.

Researchers have found that questioning patients about second- and even third-degree relatives, such as uncles or great-grandparents, could be equally as important as questioning them about their fathers and brothers. Another important factor was the age at which those relatives were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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Substance Abuse

Recognizing and Helping Family and Friends Struggling with Addiction

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of addiction in friends and family members can be difficult. Once you’ve noticed signs of addiction in friends and family members, it’s important to begin getting them the help they need. However, this is often a challenging and frustrating process for many reasons. Certain approaches may or may not work, whether they involve staging an intervention or confronting the addict, and the addict may not yet be willing to stop using alcohol and/or drugs. After the patient becomes sober, an often tumultuous and challenging recovery period follows.

According to Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a prescription pain reliever is abused by approximately 2,500 youths ages 12 to 17. The same source indicates that in the US, over 15 million people tend to abuse prescription drugs, which is more than the combined number who report using hallucinogens, cocaine, inhalants, and heroin. Drug use and abuse can rapidly lead to drug dependence, which why it’s so important to recognize warning signs among friends and family members.
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