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The Family Jewels: To Cut or Cover?

“OK, Honey, I’m pulling the goalie. The IUD is out. Your turn to think about contraception.”

Gees, now what? Quick, go through the list in your head.Withdrawal? Abstinence? Rhythm method? Not likely. Really boils down tovasectomy orcondoms. Cut it or cover it.

Handling Old Faithful

The wonderful world of latex!

The wonderful world of latex!

Gees, condoms?!? Believe it or not, the oldest known condoms were made of fish intestine and were found in the depths of Dudley Castle in England and date to 1640! In the 19th century, they were called “French Preventatives.” I bet that the first thing that comes to your mind though is Steve Carell’s bedroom brawl with condoms in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Or, the embarrassing father-son bedside talk in American Piewith Jason Biggs and Gene Levy. Sooo high school. Continue Reading

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The Threesome Every Man Should Have

Acupuncture can deliver better moods, health and virility.

Did you know there are three key benefits from receiving an acupuncture treatment that can make men better lovers?

First is the endorphin release that results in less stress and a surge of feel-good hormones circulating through the body. Second, is improved circulation of blood and oxygen (Qi) to every part of the body. Last but not least, the stimulation of the immune system makes you overall stronger and healthier. This recipe for success is not only good for you, but it’s also great for your partner.

Acupuncture For Danbo's - By Daniel Lee

Acupuncture For Danbo’s – By Daniel Lee

Lets talk about hormones. The endorphins released as a result of an acupuncture treatment account for the relaxation “high” that people describe. The same endorphins are released after exercise and sex . Recent studies have shown that interrupting our stressful lives with moments of relaxation reduces cortisol (a stress hormone) and can greatly reduce the harmful effects of stress on our bodies. With my patients I use the snowball analogy starting off as one small moment of feeling good. If we reinforce that feeling before the stress builds up again, we can create some momentum and grow that snowball with feelings of pleasure and roll right past feelings of angst. Acupuncture is a great way to experience the endorphin release because it requires no effort (beyond showing up) from the patient. Continue Reading

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Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Are you noticing your hair thinning? Or are you worried that you might have hair loss because your father and grandfather are bald? There are several ways to pre-emptively or take back control of your hair!

Male Pattern Baldness is defined by a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown, and is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition according to the National Library of Medicine.

There are several products on the market that claim to help promote healthy hair growth but which remedies are effective and provide a long term solution for hair loss treatment? Continue Reading

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Mediterranean Diet: It May Not Be What You Think

By: Meri Raffetto

The Mediterranean Diet continues to make headlines with more and more studies showing a positive effect on heart health not to mention other areas of health and longevity. While the research supports using this diet is good for your health, how do you know what to eat? The sad truth is while you begin to search online you’re going to run into some misinformation. From media to health professionals and even researchers the information provided about the Mediterranean diet is often weak or just plain wrong.

Before you go to Costco and fill your grocery cart with a 10-pound bag of spaghetti and two pounds of cheese keep reading to assure you’re actually following a Mediterranean Diet plan the correct way. Otherwise, you likely won’t achieve the same health benefits you’re looking for.

What it is not… Continue Reading

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Exercising: There Is No Need To Wait

Lifestyle is an important part of staying healthy. Most men say that they do not have time to exercise because they are balancing a family and long hours at work. Others say that exercise is boring and they do not want to pay for a gym membership. All these are excuses because a person can exercise almost anywhere, it is easy to make time to exercise, there are ways to exercise for free, and it is necessary for your overall health.

Exercise is necessary because it helps your body stay in its prime condition. Your core muscles are the stabilizer muscles of the body. By working these muscles out you can improve posture and reduce the risk of having lower back pain in the future. Cardio is necessary for heart and lung health and it is critical in the weight loss process as it burns calories. Our bodies were made to move and below are exercise that can keep your body moving through the day.

At the office

You spend a large amount of your day at work and though it seems impossible to input exercising into your schedule, making small changes can benefit you in the long run. Continue Reading


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