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testicular cancer awareness monthCheck ‘Em Lads: Why Young Men Should Care About Testicular Cancer

In general, guys do not think about their testicles on a day-to-day basis. Unless we have some pain or feel an abnormality, we let them go on with their day. The testicles actually are very important to the male body. The testicles serve as a factory for sperm production, which is important for fertility. The testicles also are a main driving force for the amount of testosterone that circulates throughout your body. Both of these functions are crucial to us as guys.

One thing is clear: The testicles are not immune from cancer.  In fact, one in 250 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer, and it is the most common cancer in the age group of 15-35. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and this year alone more than 9,000 men will be diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society.

When caught early and treated, life expectancy rates are high and most guys live their lives without much worry, which is why awareness is so important. Screening for testicular cancer does not require any sophisticated labs or imaging studies. Most screening for testicular cancer can actually be done by you. Yes, you. By examining your testicles at least once a month, you are able to screen for most testicular cancers.

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Building a Relationship with Your Children

Dear Mr. Dad: My job requires long hours and frequent travel, which means that I rarely ever get to spend as much time with my 5-year-old daughter as I’d like to. What can I do to log some quality time with her, besides playing with dolls?

A: Let’s start with the myth of “quality time.” There’s really no mystery. The truth is that any time you spend with your child—as long as you’re focused on her and not your phone or computer—is quality time. A trip to the bank can jump start discussions about allowances and money. At the grocery store, you can talk about nutrition, the importance of reading labels, and comparison shopping. Listening to the radio in the car can help you learn about her favorite musicians (and might introduce her to yours). And, if she likes to play with dolls, you need to suck it up and join the tea party.

That said, one of the best opportunities for dad-daughter (or dad-son) bonding is when there’s something to fix around the house. Thanks to your work schedule, you probably have a nearly endless list of things that need to be installed, painted, replaced, tightened, tweaked, or upgraded. Each one of those projects is a perfect opportunity to do something fun with your daughter. Even though she’s only five, she can still help you find the right items at the Home Depot, hand you the right tool from your toolbox, or hold the flashlight while you’re fixing a leak under the kitchen sink. As she gets older, teach her how to hammer nails, use a screwdriver, take measurements, pour a quart of oil into your car’s engine, or maybe even drill a hole or cut a few pieces of wood.

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Photo by Brandon Mowinkel on Unsplash

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

stress and anxietyHow Problems at Home Can Affect Your Health and State of Mind

You found the love of your life early on and feel lucky compared to others who remain single around you. And, then suddenly, you notice subtle and then drastic changes in your relationship. There are many reasons a relationship can fall apart. Lifestyle changes like a loss of a job, or a lack of communication and an insensitivity to each other’s needs. Unfortunately, as a result of these actions, you may develop emotions such as resentment and anger and feel empty inside. These emotions can also lead to bad habits like substance abuse and cause serious health problems.

Depression and Anxiety

Problems at home can affect everything you do. They can cause you to have a lack of focus on the job which can result in missed deadlines putting you at risk for firing. It can also affect your ability to maintain friendships and if you have children can cause you to become irritated easily or have a total lack of interest in their daily lives. You may fall into a state of depression or develop anxiety and stress over your life. When this happens many people take to drinking or experimenting with drugs to escape reality. These bad habits can quickly blossom into a serious problem where when you don’t have them you simply can’t function. Luckily, there are places like in patient alcohol treatment centers that can help you not only beat the dependency but, also get to the underlining problem through therapy and outside counseling.

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Anxiety, Fertility, Sex

march madness yogic vasectomyMarch Madness and the Yogic Vasectomy

It’s time of the year again! A time of tournaments and TV, massive couch potatoing and a general dumbing down of fatherly responsibilities. All in the name of sports.

But men also tend to do something very unique during tournament month. They get snipped. A recent health insurance study found that during the first round of the NCAA tournament, 30% more vasectomies were done than any other week of the year. If you just look at the first Friday of NCAA tournament month, 41% more vasectomies are done than on the average Friday.

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Stress, Work

reduce workplace stressThree Ideas to Help Create a Less-Stressful Work Environment

As a business owner, you may at times feel like a circus performer trying to juggle several plates in the air at once while on a unicycle. While you’re doing everything in your power to not fall off the unicycle — or break any plates in the process — it’s almost inevitable that at least one plate will come crashing to the ground.

If this image seems all-too-familiar, it may be time to identify ways to reduce the nerves and pressure you’re feeling at the office. Fortunately, there are a number of business-savvy ways to make work feel less daunting, which, in turn, will reduce your stress levels — and that of your employees. Here are three ideas to help create a less stressful work environment.

1. Move Your Phone Service to the Cloud

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Dr. Tom Berger of the Veteran Health Council discusses military mental health and drugs

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