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alt-right?Does Concern for Boys Put You In the Alt-Right?

Progressives still label worry about men’s and boys’ problems as conservative.

So there I was, reading a piece in the New Yorker by Steve Coll, titled “Donald Trump’s Fake News Tactics(link is external),” where Trump was seen as “draw(ing) on the contemporary idioms of the alt-right.” Quoting a report by researchers Alice Marwick and Rebecca Lewis, Coll describes the alt-right as best understood as “‘an amalgam of conspiracy theorists, techno-libertarians, white nationalists, Men’s Rights advocates, trolls, anti-feminists, anti-immigration activists, and bored young people.’”

One of those categories jumped out at me: “Men’s Rights advocates.” I don’t identify with that group. But as a man who is the father of three sons and grandfather of five grandsons, and an emeritus professor of psychology who has studied gender issues for more than 40 years, the idea of men being concerned about their rights does not seem terribly far-fetched. Cassie Jaye’s 2016 documentary about men’s rights advocates showed some legitimate reasons for their concerns. So to see this group linked in with conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and anti-Semites troubled me deeply.

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ED and what to do about itErectile Dysfunction and What to Do About It

This time of year usually has some love still lingering in the air, but sadly for some men it is not as romantic as it ought to be. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a fairly common problem that many men across the world experience. It is said that one in four men under the age of forty experience this issue. It can have a major impact on a person’s confidence and really start to affect a relationship. We wanted to figure out what are some of the causes behind ED and what type of treatment can be done for this. No need to panic, there are plenty of options out there to handle this situation.



ED can be brought on by many different circumstances. Luckily, many of these causes are often onset by things that can be easily fixed. First of all, if you are smoking cigarettes or using recreational drugs, this is something that you should try to quit as soon as possible. They cut down on the air that your lungs are able to take in, which lowers your stamina and endurance. Also, they place toxic chemicals into your cardiovascular system which lowers the blood flow to your penis. Recreational drugs, antidepressants, and blood pressure medications assist in altering hormones in your body and blood circulation, which can increase your chances of having erectile dysfunction.

Stress is something that can creep into all our lives. From relationships with friends and family, to jobs, to money, feeling stressed can really weigh on you and your health. Combined with a lack of a sleep, energy, and exercise your sexual drive could head downhill quickly.



Fortunately, there has been plenty of research on improving the issue of ED. It begins with taking care of your stress, which could be done by taking up a new hobby, getting some exercise, or going to sleep an hour earlier.  Every small change you make  will ultimately help guide you down the path of having a big gain. For those that are a little bit on the techy side, Headspace is a free app for your phone or tablet that helps you meditate. In only a few minutes, it can help you to clear your mind, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall mood. All of these are vitally important when trying to eliminate the causes of ED.

Another idea would be to switch up your diet. Some people believe that healthy food is the best kind of medicine In an article posted by Everyday Health, a study was conducted that showed men who ate pistachio nuts every day for three weeks experienced a “significant improvement in sexual issues, including ED, sexual desire, and overall sexual satisfaction.” Arginine is a type of protein that is found in the nuts that has been effective in relaxing blood vessels. They also help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure without side effects.

While improving your diet and living a healthier lifestyle can help the issue of ED in a natural way, there are also medications that can help. Although men aren’t typically fans of going to see a doctor, there are ways outside of making an appointment with your physician. Hims is a new company online that allows you to reach out to a team of doctors to be prescribed Sildenafil, also known as generic Viagra. Sildenafil helps to send blood to the parts of the body that are critical for sustained and enhanced sexual performance. Once you answer the questions from the clinical advisors, the product will be delivered to your home discreetly. There is no awkward face-to-face interaction or appointments made at the doctors office.

Dealing with ED is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, and there are plenty of ways to overcome it. It is fairly common in men and once you are able to seek treatment, there are plenty of ways to get back on track.


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stand up for your views - or notWhen to Stand up for Your Views–and When Not To

Dear Mr. Dad: With all the talk about #MeToo these days, I want to teach my children about the importance of standing up for themselves and what they believe in. When do you think is the right time to start, and how should I do it?

A: Teaching children to stand up for themselves and what they believe in is very important. But although the two ideas are related, they’re also very different and need to be discussed separately.

Let’s start with standing up for yourself. Most parents talk to their children about when and where others may touch them. We teach them that it’s not okay for anyone (except a doctor) to touch any area of their body that’s covered by a swim suit. And we tell them that if someone touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should say NO and get away from that person as quickly as possible.  Similarly, most of us talk to our kids about standing up for themselves if they’re being bullied—how to avoid situations where they may be picked on, how to respond, when and how to ask for help, and so on.

You can start having standing-up-for-yourself conversations with kids as young as three or four, but keep in mind that it’s not a one-and-done talk. As the child’s ability to understand the difference between right and wrong grows, you’ll need to revisit the issue in an age-appropriate way.

As I mentioned above, teaching children to stand up for what they believe in is very different, and in my view, shouldn’t be taught until children are much older. When? Only when they’re mature enough to understand that they need to respect the rights of other people to stand up for their own beliefs.


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fatherlessness and school shootingAmerica Has A Major Fatherlessness Problem on Its Hands

After yet another school shooting, which we all knew would eventually happen, the connection between fatherlessness and school shooters has finally been seriously exposed.  Several videos, discussing the links between fatherlessness and school shooters, generated over ten million views and articles drew an unprecedented level of interest.

In fact, for the first time in decades, the issue broke into the national media, in a significant way.  Top rated cable news program Tucker Carlson Tonight is dedicating every Wednesday in March to issues impacting “Men in America”.  In announcing the series, he said:

“Does a generation of boys growing up without fathers pose a threat to this country? Of course it does, why wouldn’t it?”

Not to mention it hurts girls too.

Just as importantly, much of the media covering the issue discussed not only the link to shooters, but also the extensive list of other consequences fatherlessness creates.

Generating interest in fatherlessness is a welcomed step, but we’ve a long way to go, especially in educating elected officials.

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worry ibuprofenShould You Worry When You Take Ibuprofen?

Is anything good in excess? Most of us can make the argument that excess has its place in life: pets, shoes, cars, art, love. Others, like Mahatma Ghandi, prefer the ascetic existence in which material things are roundly denounced. Throughout history even the greats can’t agree about excess: Hippocrates espoused that “everything in excess is opposed to nature,” but Oscar Wilde felt that “moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” There must be a happy medium.

The Facts of the Case

There has recently been a whirlwind of talk about the effects of a commonly used anti-inflammatory pain pill called ibuprofen on testosterone balance in men. A nicely done study suggests that it can make you into an old man sooner than you would want. But is it true?

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Dr. Tom Berger of the Veteran Health Council discusses military mental health and drugs

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