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stress causes depression in menWhy Does Stress Cause More Depression in Men Than in Women?

Sex and gender differences are central to our lives. We all think about them, struggle with them, and seek to better understand them. From Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady who lamented “Why can’t a woman be more like a man” to Sigmund Freud who wondered “What do women really want?” to our nursery rhymes which taught us to believe that “Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice,” while “Little boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy-dogs tails” to Charles Boyer who proclaimed Vive La Différence!

There is an exciting new field emerging that offers new insights into the age-old questions, “Are men and women really all that different?” In a world that still limits the lives of women in significant ways, it’s not surprising that many feminists have argued that the differences between men and women are superficial and more the result of our sexist attitudes than real differences in the ways our brains and bodies are built.

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Education, Fatherhood

Does Your Child Struggle with the Transition Back to School?Does Your Child Struggle with the Transition Back to School?

It’s hard to believe, but over the next few weeks, most kids will be back in school (my niece and nephews started last week and my newly minted high-schooler starts next week!). Summer flew by and I’m frantically transitioning my daughter out of her summer sleep schedules and gathering her school supplies.

The beginning of a new school year brings lots of changes for everyone, but it can be an especially challenging time for families with children who struggle with reading and writing, math, focus, and/or organization, or with learn or attention issues such as ADHD or dyslexia. Children with these types of challenges can feel especially stressed during the back-to-school season, as they face new subjects, teachers, friends, and schools., a free and easy-to-use online community designed to support parents and caregivers of children with learning and attention issues, and the Ad Council have partnered to promote ways that children and their families can be First-Day Ready. Hopefully these tips will help parents with students at every age successfully manage back-to-school transitions.

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The Importance of STI Screening

The first thing to know about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is that you don’t need to have sex to become affected by one. Any form of skin-on-skin contact with another person could be sufficient to transfer an STI if the other party is already affected. That’s not to say that you will have an STI if you hug someone or shake their hand; the takeaway is that there’s the possibility of being infected.

The best way of confirming the potential presence of an STI is to go for screening. It’s the best action you can take for two primary reasons: if you don’t have an infection, any worries you might have had will cease; if an STI is detected, it’s probably still early enough to get it treated adequately. The worst thing you can do is to live with the doubt and let the infection develop, if one exists. The longer an STI goes undetected, the likelier it is that you could be the victim of serious health problems.

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healthy citiesLucky in Los Angeles

Ever just feel lucky? I do, for lots of reasons. Here’s one: I have the privilege of working in two of the healthiest cities in America. Using any set of measures, such as access to parks and health care, rates of obesity, smoking and inactivity, Los Angeles and San Francisco rank right up there. Feeling lucky to practice medicine in cities that are deeply commitment to healthy living.

400 Square Miles of Sun

As a men’s health guy, I was noticing recently how healthy the men are who have seen me for vasectomy reversals from Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernadino Counties. At all ages, they appear fit, productive, and many are quite stress-balanced. These are important to what I call the “fertile lifestyle,” a nice thing to have whether you want children…or not. After all, a healthy body is a good reproductive body. Seeing this all around me warms me like the Pacific sunset.
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Men’s Health by the NumbersMen’s Health by the Numbers

mens health by the numbers


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Added on April 18, 2012

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