don't miss these tests after age 30Health Checks You Shouldn’t Miss after 30

Studies show that men under 40 are among the least likely to prioritize their health care. Your 30s is the time to change this statistic, as you can catch warning signs before they progress, as well as establish healthy patterns before you enter middle age. Some health checks you shouldn’t miss once you hit 30 include:


Your 30s is when your metabolism starts to slow down, leading to an increased likelihood of weight gain. A good way to check if you are at a healthy weight is to use the BMI scale, which uses your height and weight to calculate your number on the chart. A range of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy. Some exceptions can apply if you have a muscular build (muscle weighs more than fat), which can cause you to falsely measure as overweight.

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fertility can save your lifeCan Your Fertility Save Your Life?

I know, it’s an improbable and largely rhetorical title for a lecture. But it was Nerd Nite SF, and they asked me to talk about something provocative and daring in medicine. Fertility as a tool to measure health.

Smacked and Smashed

The bar was packed with hundreds of San Francisco tech titans, gamers, developers and programmers, as well as the usual bikers, artists and other bohemians, the perfect demographic to hear about biomarkers for men’s health. And, since beer was being served, I thought I had a real chance to sneak some juicy concepts into loosened minds.

I began by reading them the riot act of ugly facts surrounding young men’s health in America:

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playing poker with varicocelesPlaying Poker with Varicoceles

He was a sweet sixteen when he came to see me with his parents, both doctors. Before he said a single word, his Father blurted out: “Our son has a clinical varicocele and we’ve read all about them. We’re wondering whether or not he should have it fixed.” Fair enough. It’s what I do for a living.

I asked a few questions and examined him. Yup, definitely a big ol’ grade III lesion, left side only, straight outta the textbook. But it wasn’t hurting him and the testicle on that side was pretty much the same size as its mate. So neither of the currently accepted indications for treatment, including pain and a smaller testicle on the side of the varicocele, was met. Hence, the parental confusion about what to do with this bag of veins.
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plant-based dietFive Reasons Men Are Eating More Plant-Based Meals

In 2012, Ken Chadwick hit rock bottom. He weighed more than ever at 327 pounds and it was a struggle for him to not gain even more weight. One morning, his then wife came into the bedroom while he was putting on his socks. He couldn’t reach his feet due to the girth of his stomach. “I was sitting on the bed and had to lean on the side to pick my leg up and shimmy the sock on,” he said. It was painfully embarrassing for anyone to see him like that.

Chadwick began exercising. He’d walk a mile and be in terrible pain all day. Then he picked up running. His knees killed him. He’d run a mile and have to lie down for an hour to catch his breath. “It was a constant battle to remain at 320 pounds,” he said.

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gum disease and heart disease connectedUnhealthy Gums and Heart Disease: How Are They Related?

Are They Really Connected?

Wondering if gum disease can be the cause of an unhealthy heart? Many research studies have found that poor oral health can significantly increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. So can regular brushing and flossing give you a healthy heart?

Doctors Say Yes.

While the cause and effect relationship may be a little difficult to establish, there is a definite link between poor oral health and heart disease. So what’s the link?

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