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marijuana affects male fertilityWinding Your Way Through Weed

California. The Golden State. The Wild West. A place of unique firsts: The Frisbee, TV and radio broadcasts, the enclosed mall, the seedless watermelon, the vacuum tube, freeway gas stations, supermarkets and Barbie. Not bad eh?

In 1996, California was also the first state to legalize medical pot, sparking a trend that now includes 25 other states. Five years ago, Colorado and Washington state became the first to legalize recreational cannabis, making Seattle and Denver the new Amsterdam. In fact, the gange is the most widely used semi-legal recreational drug in the Western world with 13.7% of Americans toking regularly. And most doobee users are males.

Two Male Brains

Now this could be good for the world in many ways, but not so good in others. The active component of marijuana is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabiol (THC), which has receptors in both the brain and the testis, both key male behavior centers. We know a lot about how pot affects the brain but very little about its influence on the nether regions. My sense is that effect of pot on male fertility is likely to put other environmental toxins, including tobacco, to shame.

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help an angry manHow to Help an Angry Man: And Stop the Fights That Harm Your Marriage

I’ve been helping men and the women who love them for more than 40 years. When I ask men what’s most important to them in their relationships, I hear many variations on a simple response. Men want more sex and fewer fights. When I ask women what they want they also give offer variations that are consistent. Women want to feel save and emotionally connected with their partner. Disagreements and misunderstandings are inevitable in any relationship, but fights undermine a marriage and can poison a relationship.

When couples fight, they rarely remember what caused the disagreement or how it escalated into a fight, but pain embeds itself in our bodies, minds, and spirits, and acts like a strong acid corroding the very foundation of a relationship and undermines a couple’s trust for each other. We may make-up and think everything is O.K., but the foundation of the relationship becomes a little weaker and over time may collapse.
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medical marijuana during pregnancy not recommendedThe Downside of Getting High During Pregnancy

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are in our early 30s and want to start a family. To be perfectly honest, we’ve been regular weed and tobacco smokers for years. To get ready for pregnancy, though, we both quit cigarettes cold turkey. Beyond that, we disagree. I think we should also give up marijuana. My wife has reluctantly agreed to stop smoking, but she has a medical marijuana card and says that the edible kind is perfectly healthy and won’t hurt the baby. So two questions: Is consuming marijuana during pregnancy okay? If not, are the tablets or drops any better than smoking?

A: To be blunt, consuming marijuana during pregnancy is a terrible—and potentially dangerous—idea. And while the non-inhaled delivery mechanism may be less dangerous, they’re still a long, long way from “perfectly healthy.”

I just came back from a conference where one of the speakers, Ira Chasnoff, M.D., talked about this exact topic. To sum up his findings about marijuana, “contrary to popular perception, it is not a harmless drug, especially when used during pregnancy.” But let’s dig a little deeper.

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swimming40+ Guys Need to Swim. Here are 6 Ways to Make it Easier.

This article was originally published at OlderBeast, whose mission is to help 40+ guys “double down” on body-and-soul health for the 2nd half of their life.

Swimming is one of the few fitness activities any guy will agree is great for you. But few guys actually swim.

Every 40+ guy should have swimming as part of his mix…for its low-impact benefits of strength, muscle toning, endurance. AND, wellness-enhancing “solitude” time, something not to be under-valued in this age of always-on digital screens, background music and smartphone notifications.

So, with your thriving in mind, here are six specific, simple suggestions to make swimming easier and more rewarding. Continue Reading


gluteh vs wheatIs The Anti-Gluten Frenzy About To Be Countered By A Pro-Wheat Comeback?

Americans at one time lived their lives utterly unconcerned about the gluten in their diets. But an anti-gluten craze that erupted in the last decade has become so prominent that it spawned a $16-billion-a-year industry.

Gluten became branded as the enemy of good health, bestselling books scared the public away from wheat, and foods marketed as gluten-free popped up everywhere.

But it’s time everyone takes a deep breath and re-evaluates this whole “wheat-is-a-villain” attitude, says Dr. John Douillard, a leader in the natural health field and author of Eat Wheat (www.LifeSpa.com).

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