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The Ultimate Liquid Biopsy for Fertility

If you’re around my age (not telling), you’ve probably had your blood drawn, maybe even regularly. Electrolytes, sugars, cholesterol, liver and kidney stuff, HIV testing and the like. But imagine that that same blood sample could tell you whether or not you have any one of 40 cancers? The future is upon us.

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Welcome to the age of “liquid biopsies.” These are “tests done on a sample of blood to look for cancer cells…or for pieces of DNA from tumor cells.” It’s subtle biology, but when normal cells die, their contents spill into the bloodstream, loaded with all sorts of genetic material. There are cells in the blood whose job it is to clear up this debris quickly. When cancer cells die, because there are so many of them, the amount of debris is larger and it takes longer to mop up. This lets us detect small amounts cancer tumor DNA (ctDNA) and other genomic fragments with next gen technology. Add to this a little genomic crunching, and this new breed of blood tests can now find cancers, tell you if treatments are working, and help us to better understand how cancers change.

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Could Drinking Coffee Help You Live Longer?

For years studies have speculated that those who drink coffee may live longer. It appears that researchers may have pinpointed the discovery of why those cups of coffee could hold a key to longevity.

New research published in the journal Nature Medicine has discovered an inflammatory process possibly driving the development of cardiovascular disease and how caffeine found in coffee could counter the inflammatory process. Caffeine is well-known for providing an early morning energy boost but it is being discovered more and more through other research that coffee drinkers who consume one to five cups each day have a lower risk of all-cause mortality than people who abstain.  Continue Reading

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How To Reduce Your Exposure To This Silent Killer

You may be living in a home that could be raising your risk of developing lung cancer even if you are not a smoker or live with someone who does. What is the cause? An odorless, colorless, radioactive gas called radon. Radon gas has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office as the second leading cause of lung cancer.  It is estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year are caused by this dangerous gas that could be a problem in your home. Continue Reading

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ken harvey redskins #57How to Get Financially Fit: Advice from an NFL All-Pro

If life in the NFL taught me one thing, it’s this: the future comes up quicker than you think.

One day, I was a first-round draft pick. The next day, I was a Pro-Bowler. The day after that I was retired and asking myself, “OK, Ken, what’s next?”

Getting financially fit is no different than getting physically fit: it’s the byproduct of a lot of smart, small decisions. To get physically fit, you need to start with an end goal and you’ll have to incorporate the right foods, exercises, coaches, and sleeping habits to get there. Similarly, to get financially fit, you start with an end goal, and you’ll have to incorporate the right investments, assets, advisors, and spending habits to achieve it.

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Your Cold and Flu Season Survival Guide

There’s no doubt about it: We are in the thick of winter. And while we have a fresh start to the new year, many of us may be experiencing the same old cold and flu symptoms we get every year. Through my position at the FDA and as a physician, I’m accustomed to giving advice on how to stay safe and healthy during the winter months. Yet I know us men often find ourselves bypassing guidelines here and there, thinking we can power through the season without precautions.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. We’re not invincible, and everyone needs to be prepared in order to avoid catching a cold or the flu. The CDC is currently reporting that cold and flu season is beginning to peak now, and Americans will catch about one billion colds in a year. Here are some basic tips and habits to keep you healthy and safe this time of year: Continue Reading


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Added on April 18, 2012

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