sexual harassment = salem witch trials?Accusations of Sexual Assault: Today’s Salem Witch Trials?

I can write this because I am a woman. A man would be afraid to touch it…

More than 400 years ago, nearly 100 years before ratification of the U.S. Constitution, mass hysteria took hold throughout the Massachusetts Bay Colony, most famously in Salem Village, outside of Boston. Almost 70 years ago the same fever gripped the roughly decade-long McCarthyism era. Today it’s the growing chorus of women accusing men of alleged sexual assault. These three events share many characteristics: mostly unfounded and unproven allegations; no consequences for accusers making untrue claims; and, essentially, no recourse for men accused of alleged sexual “crimes.”

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Fatherhood, Parenting

restaurant rulesRestaurants and Kids: Think Twice Before Mixing

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a server at an upscale eatery and am constantly amazed at parents who bring their loud, unruly children into the restaurant and let them run wild. We’ve had kids trip servers, knock over bottles of expensive wine, disturb other customers, start food fights, and worse. As a parent myself, I would never let my kids get away with this kind of behavior, but since we’re in a customer-is-always-right business, I’m not able to tell people what I really think about them and their lousy parenting. A few years ago, you did a column that gave guidelines to parents. Would you please give us a refresher? I want to laminate them and give them out to every parent who comes in with a child.

A: In what must be one of evolution’s little quirks, most adults have a pretty high tolerance for their own children’s noise, rudeness, and bad behavior. But when someone else’s children do the same thing, the standards are a lot higher. That said, parents are responsible for their children’s behavior in public places and if they can’t control them, they should take those kids and leave. And if they won’t leave on their own, someone needs to show them the door—especially if they’re in a place where other adults come with the expectation of enjoying some peace and quiet.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting a total ban on kids in nice restaurants. While you and servers around the country can undoubtedly come up with story after story of screaming, obnoxious brats, I’m sure you’ll agree that those children are in the minority and that most are either well-enough behaved or marvelously angelic.

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humidityFive Health Problems That Come from Excessive Humidity

Excessive humidity inside your home makes you feel uncomfortable. While minor discomfort is not a serious concern, there are some serious health issues that can develop when you spend a lot of time in an area where the humidity is consistently high. It’s important that you recognize the potential danger to your health and that you take steps to reduce the humidity level in your home.


Excessive humidity can be a nightmare for anyone with allergies. Dust mites, mold and bacteria thrive in a home where the humidity level exceeds 55%. In addition to the discomfort caused by allergies and lost time at work due to allergies and mold-related illness, you’ll likely incur a considerable amount of medical expenses related to the treatment of allergies if you don’t take steps to reduce the humidity level in your home. Fortunately, there are several affordable ways to monitor the humidity in your home.

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Fertility, Testicular

testicles like wine bottleHow are Testicles Like Bottles of Wine?

Some wines cellar well and some don’t. Which ones do you keep and which do you drink? There aren’t hard and fast rules here. Just know that 99% of wines should be drunk immediately as only 1% of wines age well. One of the oldest wines every drunk was from a 1200-year old winery in Wurzburger, Germany: it was 421 years old when consumed, but quickly turned to vinegar after opening. In the works of Pope John XXIII; “Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

A Good Vintage

I thought of this when my patient asked me: “How long will it last?” He was referring to the sperm FNA Mapping procedure that I had done that showed that he had testicular sperm despite having no ejaculated sperm (azoospermia).

From our early published experience, the average time from sperm FNA Mapping to sperm retrieval was 4.9 months with a range of 2 weeks to 13 months. More recently, we reported an average time of 7.5 months(range 4 to 21 months) in men who were Mapped after failed microdissection TESE before they proceeded with sperm retrieval. If you were to ask me what the longest time a couple waited from sperm FNA Mapping to sperm retrieval procedure, the answer is 14 years!  So the testicle is really like a good bottle of wine.

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Aging, Stress

alzheimer's diagnosisPromising Techniques for Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Recent technologies allow doctors to diagnose the degenerative brain disease earlier.

A dense forest of 100 billion nerve cells flourishes deep within each of our brains. Each of those nerve cells has about 15,000 dendrites that branch out to connect with dendrites from other nerve cells at more than 100 trillion points. Electrical signals race from cell to cell at a rate of 200 times a second, sparking thoughts, memories, actions and feelings. These signals create pathways that transmit 4 billion pieces of information. All of this occurs in the time it takes to blink.

But imagine that the roots of this forest begin to tangle. Gunk begins to build up between the “trees,” slowing down electrical activity, causing nerve cells to shrivel and die. It’s easy to picture how a once lively ecosystem would begin to go silent.

This is what happens in the brain of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease.

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