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More progress towards reducing tobacco use

An article by USA today (click here for article) reported that retail chains are making progress towards reducing tobacco use in the US. More specifically, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Tennessee all have Bills pending to bar pharmacies with walk in clinics from selling tobacco products. New York has a Bill that would ban all pharmacies, […]

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Restaruants banning smoking helps reduce youth smoking

The Los Angeles Times reports that restaurants that ban smoking also help reduce the number of youths who light up.  (click here for article).  When young adults are not given an environment where they can openly partake in an unhealthy habit, they are less likely to continue the behavior.  This article is a good example […]

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Men’s Health in College

In conducting some related research on men’s health, I’ve recently come across a few websites for university student health centers that have pages set aside for men’s health. (Here are a few examples: UNH, UD and UGA) These sites provide a variety of information on issues specific to men while encouraging them to come to […]

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How damaging can sun exposure be to the scalp and neck?

A recent posting on has stated that melanoma on the scalp and neck are the most deadly types of skin cancer (click here). This is a big concern for many men who have higher rates of melanoma than women do. Men can be very reluctant to use sunscreen or wide brimmed hats when they […]

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Life-expectancy and chronic disease

Life expectancy rates have been declining in many areas of the United States. A recent posting in The Wall Street Journal (click here) looked at a report stating that even if the United States provided universal health care it still would not solve the declining rates of life expectancy. The biggest problem that needs more […]

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