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Monday Fresh Start: Where Can You Find Useful Nutrition Information?Monday Fresh Start: Where Can You Find Useful Nutrition Information?

I always think that Mondays are the perfect day to start or learn something new. We’ve hit the reset button while out of the office over the weekend and Monday presents a chance to start fresh. Not only that, but researchers suggest that changes you make on a Monday are more likely to be repeated […]

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Forget GM, Where’s the Bailout for Our Moral Bankruptcy?

Exclusively for It’s a unique phenomenon of perception that causes us to be de-sensitized to small changes that occur over long periods of time.  We’ve all fallen victim to this at some point in our lives.  The extra slice of pizza each night during college that gave you the “Freshman 15”, that extra coffee […]

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Return the Flavor to our Fathers

In light to President Obama’s speech today at AMA in Chicago, prevention seems to be the main thing I took away from listening to his speech. Of course, there were words directed to those doctors who haven’t been helping out to our frail health care by “tycoon-ing” the industry for profits, but preventive health are […]

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I just started reading a book titled “The Accidental Asian,” by Eric Liu, a former speechwriter for President Clinton. The first few chapters, dedicated to his late father, described poignant memories he carries with him. One memory was particularly captivating. Liu described his late father’s bout with kidney failure and their family’s struggle to keep […]

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Happy Men’s Health Month!

Wow time just flies and we are somehow in June again. Days keep getting faster and I am sure your daily things to do are jam packed like mine, so I provided a list of a few things for this June that we should have remembered from last June. 1. June is Men’s Health Month […]

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