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Health Reform: What’s in it for Men?

With health reform sound bytes swirling across the media as ferociously as a September hurricane, I thought it would be helpful to assess some of the real proposals on the table. Most elements of the reform effort will surely benefit men’s health outcomes. Health insurance subsidies and ending harmful insurance market practices will allow men […]

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It takes effort…

The summer of 2009 is almost over and looking back at the past two-and-a-half months, I realize that it’s been an extremely busy one. Health reform debates and symposia at various think tanks; briefings with health policy experts on the Hill; and editorials on the public option and “death panels” scatter websites and newspapers across […]

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In the Market for Better Health

If you’re not familiar with a farmer’s market in your area, you’re missing out.  The freshest food is grown locally, you can get some surprisingly good deals, and there’s something special about connecting with the people who are growing the food you eat.  Plus, the earlier you get to your food, the more you will […]

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Sleep, That Unconscious Feeling You Get Sometimes

We all wish there were more hours in a day. A little more time with our families, a few more hours of daylight to play another game of tackle football with our buddies, just an hour more to complete that last level on the new Call of Duty video game. Unfortunately most often the thing […]

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