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Time to reassess

“Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.” – William Temple I recently read “Wake-up Call” by Erika Lovley in Politico this week and my suspicions have been confirmed through anecdotal evidence: people working in Washington, especially those working on Capitol Hill, are extremely stressed […]

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Beyond Health Care

Health reform has been a topic of great importance here in Washington for the past few months since discussions and debates have intensified in June, 2009.  Health reform, however, has primarily focused on one aspect of health – health care.  In the broader sense, though, health encompasses a wider reach.  For example, health professionals are […]

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The Business Case for an Office of Men’s Health

Below is an excerpt from a forthcoming study that I authored, which investigates the federal costs associated with excess disease burden in men in an attempt to substantiate the need for a federal Office of Men’s Health. Despite the increased risk of disease and injury, the health of men is oft an overlooked subject.  Men […]

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More Money, More Problems

First of all, Happy New Year! USA Today featured a comprehensive story on college football coaches and their total salaries (breakdowns of base salaries and bonuses, etc.) in early November. The highest paid coaches in 2009 lead the most prestigious football programs in the country, including Pete Carroll of Southern California, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma […]

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