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A Federal Focus on Fatherhood

Apt parenting is at the very core of our social construct, and the paternal role is a vital linkage in this fabric. Beyond the mere biological need to reproduce, we unequivocally understand that the father figure has nothing less than an obligation to protect, nurture, guide, and edify their young into capable independence. And, this […]

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Top Ten Surprises of New FatherhoodTop Ten Surprises of New Fatherhood

At some point not long after the baby is born, just about every new father gets hit with a sharp jolt of reality: he’s a father–with new responsibilities, new pressures, new expectations to live up to. For some of us, this seemingly basic little epiphany comes early, before we leave the hospital. But for others, […]

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Editor’s Opinion: Men’s Health Week and PSAs galore!

Men’s Health Week has officially started and if you weren’t aware from all the twitter and facebook messages, please let us at TAMH be the first to welcome you to the “please send men to the doctors” movement as I call it. There’s so much going on and news being shared this week that I […]

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New MHN Chapter in California!

With dozens of activities happening around the country to mark Men’s Health Month, this seems like the perfect time to announce the launch of the new California Men’s Health Network.  This chapter of the national MHN will allow us to promote men’s health through both statewide and local initiatives in the Golden State.  These include:

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More than LuckMore than Luck

“A brush with mortality turns out to be the best way to appreciate how blue the sky is, how sensuous grass feels underfoot, how melodious kids’ voices are,” wrote Nicholas D. Kristof in a recent New York Times op-ed piece.  Mr. Kristof was fortunate, even lucky to have been found with a malignant tumor on […]

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