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Being comfortable (and safe) in your own skin

Although summer break for many Americans is inconceivably more than half over, there are still many vacations, barbeques and outdoor games to be had. While you’re enjoying the sunshine, make sure you’re being nice to your skin. This is of particular concern to men, who on average spend more time outdoors for both work and […]

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How Much Is Enough Protein?

Many people, including nutritionist, still think that you cannot get enough protein without eating meat, fish, or chicken. But is this really true?  I don’t eat meat, I am in decent shape, my body is lean but not small.  I have good musculature and strong bones.  I walk/run 5 days a week, do yoga and […]

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Men’s Health on Fox News

For those who do not regularly watch weekend news, what I am about to tell you may come to you as a surprise. Fox News has officially started a weekly Saturday segment dedicated to men’s health. Yes, it is incredible and a great first step toward educating the public about the prominent issues in men’s […]

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Surviving Male Menopause

I began working on my male menopause series when I turned 50.  The changes hit me like a ton of bricks.  Everything seemed to be falling apart at once.  My erections were going south, my hormones were dropping off, my energy was going down, my sleeplessness was increasing, my prostate was enlarging.  My children were […]

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