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Reality and Real Men: Opening up About Men’s Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiety have been diagnosed at unprecedented levels in this country for years, and seem to only rise in concordance with the pace and demands of our time. Further, in an America that today is so identified with stress and success, not to mention the heightened burdens of economic struggle, we often ignore our […]

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Salt, Processed Meat, and Cancer

The following essay is the first in a new series of authored pieces where Dr. Michael J. Rovito comments on and critiques new research focusing on topics related to men’s health. This commentary series is meant to help translate sometimes confusing, jargon-filled research into a format that is easily digestible by all readers concerned about […]

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Defending Boundaries

The following post is an excerpt from John Lee’s new book “24  Things To Increase the Emotional Intelligence of Your Man.” To find other books by John Lee visit his website and

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Why Don’t Men Take Care of Themselves?

So, here we are, resolution time.  ‘Course, we’ve been there before, and we all know how those prior resolutions fared.  There isn’t one of us who doesn’t know about something he ought to work on and improve, whether it be gym time, weight issues, relationship issues, work/personal time balance.  What gets in our way? Why […]

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