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Alcohol and Prostate Cancer: What’s the connection?

Most men enjoy a beer, tumbler of whiskey, or glass of wine coming home from the grind, going out with friends and family, or just to take a load off. Many people can benefit socially, mentally, or even spiritually from moderate alcohol consumption. However, the physiological benefits of alcohol consumption have been debated amongst the […]

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Dr. David Samadi Interviewed About Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery for Prostate and Other Cancers

Watch the video to learn about minimally invasive prostate cancer and other cancer surgery. Dr. Samadi explains the benefits over traditional prostate cancer surgery.

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Informed decision making with prostate cancer screening options: ‘WHY’?

The focus of prostate cancer prevention research has switched FROM advocating for screening TO advocating for informed decision-making among men. In other words, we are now trying to inform men of their options and advocate that they have an open and honest dialogue with their physician on their treatment options. Joseph-Williams et al (2010) looks […]

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Metabolic Syndrome

“Metabolic Syndrome” is a relatively new term that is used to describe people who are at elevated risk for heart disease. As in many things, the definition varies depending on who is doing the defining, but the outcome is agreed upon by all concerned. Metabolic Syndrome is present in 50% of all people with coronary […]

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