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Why is the ACLU bullying public schools?

Here’s a little quiz for you.  It’s multiple choice. Who is best qualified to say how a boy in West Virginia should be educated?   A)    The boy’s parents B)    The boy’s teachers C)    Attorneys who have never met the boy, but who work for an organization with national headquarters in Manhattan If you answered (A) or (B), you’d […]

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5 Super Important Yet Obscure Supplements For Men

As a nutritionist- and former editorial advisory board member of Men’s Health magazine—I’m frequently asked about the best supplements for men. Today I’m going to tell you about five supplements you probably never thought about taking before. If these supplements were movie stars, they’d be the ones that aren’t quite as well-known as the Brad […]

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Get Your Meatless Grill On

Summer is in full swing and that means, it’s time to get grilling. We women love to take the backseat for once and let our men handle all the cooking. It’s been said that there is something almost therapeutic for guys in making those sizzling, delicious, grilled meals. So let’s take advantage of this gorgeous […]

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Teens at risk–and the adults who aren’t paying enough attention

72% of all deaths among young people aged 10–24 years were caused by one of four causes: car crashes (26%), other unintentional injuries (17%), homicide (16%), and suicide (13%). And hundreds of thousands of teens are affected by non-fatal but life-disrupting conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and teen pregnancy. The big problem is […]

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Is Society Fairer To Men Or Women?Is Society Fairer To Men Or Women?

A Father’s Day cover story in The Atlantic was The End of Men. Its core contention: men are better suited for the Neanderthal Era: “Maybe they’re (men) are like those frogs–they’re more vulnerable or something, so they’ve gotten deformed.” And colleges are rejecting we frogs. In 1960: college degree holders were 61% men, 39% women.. […]

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