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Man Up To Do Regular Self Examinations for Testicular Cancer

Testis cancer is the most common solid tumor for men in their reproductive years. Testis tumors can grow rapidly so prompt detection and treatment are critical. If detected early, most men with testis cancer can be cured of the disease. Although even men with advanced disease are frequently cured, they require more treatment which can […]

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A Wake-Up Call on Men’s HealthA Wake-Up Call on Men’s Health

Did you know that more than half of premature deaths among men are preventable? How ‘bout that 7 million men haven’t seen a healthcare provider for a decade or more? Still standing? Okay, how about that two thirds of men wouldn’t get help from a healthcare professional if they were experiencing two of the most […]

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Heavy Tea Drinkers at an Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer shows up in the news for having links with so many things that people are almost starting to lose count. Red meat is its most infamous link though, since the risk of prostate cancer is significantly increased when it is consumed excessively. Tea has had a good name so far, but its reputation […]

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Probiotics: what they are and why you need more of them

I recently had the opportunity to have a virtual cup of coffee and chat with Dr. Shekhar Challa, board certified gastroenterologist, and a huge advocate for probiotics. Here’s what the good Dr. has to say about why you should be using them, and how they can benefit your health. Samantha Feuss: Dr Challa, can you […]

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The hair-raising side effects of a baldness drug

Most men who have hair transplants or take drugs to combat baldness do it for one reason: they think they look better with hair. I’m sure there are many men who want to look better simply for themselves. But I’m betting that the majority of men are trying to look better to potential mates. And […]

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