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TBI and Technology: Diagnosing the Initial Injury with a Smartphone

When head injuries occur in youth sports, there isn’t a doctor waiting at the sidelines for the next mild TBI case to happen. Players often feel the need to get back in the game and “man up,” as long as there is no visible damage after a tough hit; they’re young and looking to do […]

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What does the Affordable Care Act have to offer men?

As a wife, a daughter and a mother of a son I often worry about the health of the men in my life. And to be candid, I find myself worrying about the whole future of men’s health in this country. The Affordable Care Act of 2010, has a lot of great benefits to offer […]

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Asprin: A Lifesaver for Prostate Cancer Patients?

Just in time for National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September), a new study has just found that taking aspirin regularly could help men who have been treated for prostate cancer live longer. Other research has shown that anticoagulants (drugs like warfarin, clopidogrel, enoxaparin, and aspirin) affect cancer growth and metastasis. But this one, led by […]

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Melanoma: A Golfer’s Family Journey, Part I

‘You have melanoma.’ Three words that truly change your life forever. In August, 2008 those words were given to my mom and our family. It was a few weeks later in September, 2008 that those words forever changed our life when the prognosis, after many tests was grim and what appeared to be a death […]

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For Men, Time Spent with Family Members Can Be a Lifesaver

There’s plenty of research that shows that people (men and women) who spend time with friends have higher levels of well-being than those who don’t. Makes sense, doesn’t it? A new study just published in a British health journal went a step further. It turns out that having a wide circle of close relatives (outside […]

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