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On the Fence about Whether Your Kids Should Have Flu Shots? Just Do It—Now

Between August 1, 2004 and May 5, 2012, 829 children in the US died from the flu, according to a new study by researchers at the CDC. And a third of those kids died within three days after symptoms first appeared. Unfortunately, by then it’s often too late. The solution? Make sure your kids get […]

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Is The Cost Of Robotic Surgery Justified?

Dr. David Samadi, robotic prostatectomy pioneer, answers questions about the cost and ultimate value of robotic prostate removal surgery. NEW YORK, NY – Robotic prostate surgery is often favored as the next big thing in prostate cancer treatment, but it’s value is repeatedly called into question. Do the benefits of robotic prostatectomy surgery outweigh the […]

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Want Grandchildren? Make Sure Your Sons Aren’t Overwieght

Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that obese boys between 14-20 have 50 percent less testosterone that boys the same age whose weight is normal.

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Coffee With Sam: Abigail Hirsch On Marriage and Divorce

I recently had the opportunity to have a virtual cup of coffee and chat with Dr. Abigail Hirsch, marriage specialist, practicing clinician, co-author of The Power of Two, and blogger. Dr. Hirsch has some great advice on marriage: how to make it work, keep it happy, and keep your partner satisfied (in all senses of […]

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The Challenges of Aging: Transitioning from One Stage of Life into Another

Aging is a natural process that, despite the best efforts of the health and beauty industry and plastic surgeons, you simply cannot avoid. While getting older is often feared by people in today’s society, it is possible to age gracefully by preparing for the changes that each year may bring. For seniors who are already […]

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