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Au Naturel, Surgery, or the Dreaded Comb-Over: What to Do When Your Hair Falls OutAu Naturel, Surgery, or the Dreaded Comb-Over: What to Do When Your Hair Falls Out

So the possibility of hair loss is looming over you. What do you do? First up, you don’t put a vacuum on your head… There are a number of reasons why hair loss strikes. It could be in your genes, the stress in your lifestyle, or for the ponytail wearers out there a lifetime of […]

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Holiday Tips with Unexpected Foods to Help You Lose Weight

With the holidays in motion, it’s no secret that losing weight will be easy; in fact, it can be downright frustrating.  Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not just about exercising furiously or eating a diet of solely fruits and vegetables.  Whether it’s because they speed up your metabolism or because they keep you […]

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Boxers vs. Briefs 2013

By: Maria Katsigeorgis As the holidays begin to come to an end, many men are left with boxes unworn gifts and festive underwear cluttering the annals of their closets. With all this new underwear lying around, we are reminded of the ongoing debate of which is better – boxers or briefs? From a medical standpoint, this debate […]

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Artificial Sweeteners: Friend or Foe

Despite intense scrutiny of artificial sweeteners for years, the product continues to be popular with dieters, diabetics and many just looking for a sweet fix. Even in the face of declining soda sales, the market share of diet soda continues to expand, with the second most popular soda being a diet variety. At the same time, the global […]

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Milk for Strong Bones? Maybe Not for Boys

Growing up, we’re often told by our parents that we need to drink plenty of milk, that the calcium will ensure we have nice, strong bones. The U.S. Department of Agriculture DA backed up dear old mom and dad, recommending that adolescents drink at least three glasses of milk (or dairy equivalent) every day. Unfortunately—for […]

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