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The Tolerator: Is This Your Style Of Relating To Your Partner?

“I love you just the way you are…” croons this lover to the live-in partner who has just tracked in mud again on the new Berber carpet, and rear-ended a parked car trying a new paralleling maneuver. “Love me, love my shortcomings,” swoons the “Tolerator” partner. Their theme song echoes the ideal of unconditional love […]

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7 Bad Habits of Medical Professionals7 Bad Habits of Medical Professionals

Expecting a doctor or other medical professional to be 100% perfect is unreasonable. After all, we learned in elementary school that nobody’s perfect and that’s okay. Unfortunately, some of the people we trust with our health are seriously pushing the line. Keep an eye out for these seven deadly habits that bad doctors should be […]

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Kettlebells for Martial Arts TrainingKettlebells for Martial Arts Training

Think that you can’t get a fresh, new type of workout from equipment that’s centuries old? Think again. The kettlebell isn’t just one of the best workout devices for MMA fighters, it’s also one of the trendiest exercises in gyms today. The best part about working out with kettlebells is that it gets the job […]

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Great Health & Fitness Apps for 2013Great Health & Fitness Apps for 2013

While technology makes certain aspects of life easier, certain activities, such as exercise, need to be done the old-fashioned way in order to be effective. That isn’t to say modern technology can’t facilitate health and fitness; indeed, many modern mobile apps do just that. And it seems that there are hot new health and fitness […]

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Debunking Some Nutrition Myths

In the not-too-distant past, smoking was considered healthy–and doctors even recommended it to their patients. Fortunately, researches had the intellectual honesty to tell us about the dangers of cigarette smoking. In a similar way, nutrition recommendations often change do 180s. Things that used to be considered good are turning out to either do nothing or […]

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