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Is Your Testosterone Level Low?

Men with low levels of the male hormone testosterone have problems with erections, are weaker and more easily fatigued than men with normal levels of testosterone.  However, these symptoms are also part of the normal aging process.  So how do you know if your symptoms are due to low testosterone or are just related to […]

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Testosterone Worries

There is no doubt that we are a testosterone-obsessed culture. And not just in sunny California, where I live. Who hasn’t seen those “Low T” ads nightly on the tube: Falling asleep after dinner? Feeling grumpy? Low energy? Losing strength? Sex drive slipping? Is testosterone really the Holy Grail that it’s been pumped up to be?

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Masturbation: Part 1 – Let’s Talk About It

Few things are enjoyed so much, reviled so much, lied about so much, performed so much, or ignored so much, as masturbation. The topic rarely fails to spark an emotional and visceral response; laughter, disgust, titillation, arousal, awkward silence, denial, even fear. It’s no wonder that people never really talk about it. For centuries society […]

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Blueberries: A Key Nutrient to a Healthier You

As spring reveals its vibrant blooms, reflecting these bright colors on our plates is a powerful step towards improved health.  The compound that pigments fruits and vegetables are called flavonoids. While these are essential to plants for pollination and protection against diseases, these same chemicals have been found to have many health benefits. In particular, […]

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“I Don’t Feel Like Having Sex Tonight…”

If your sex-life is in the tank, it makes sense that you might try to avoid it. According to noted therapist Melody Matthews Lowman: “You’re protecting yourself from an unsuccessful sexual interaction, and losing interest is a natural outcome.”

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