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Confused About T? You Should Be!

Is it right for me? Is it good for me? It is life’s elixir or a dram of Shakespearean poison? Welcome to the trouble with testosterone that we’re having at the moment. The T Buzz Let’s start with how you might come to know T. Take a look at the most popular “tool” used to screen […]

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Four Skills Every Man Should Possess

Being born a man is a matter of chance, but being a real man is a matter of knowledge and skill. Geohive reports that, of the 6.89 billion people in the world, there are about 60 million more men. There’s a lot of men on the planet, but what separates “the men” from “The Men” […]

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Dizziness and Vertigo

Vertigo, the feeling of spinning or whirling, and dizziness are among the most common complaints prompting a patient to visit the doctor. These symptoms affect 20 to 30% of the general population and translate into millions of hospital and doctor visits a year. Due to the vague nature of these symptoms the possible causes are […]

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Porn: The Biggest Lie of All

When I meet a patient for the first time, we always go over a sexual history. It’s the usual questions you might expect:  first masturbation, first intercourse, family attitudes, how many partners, etc. One of my favorite questions is, “How did you learn about sex?” Rarely is the answer, “From my parents.”   Instead, it is […]

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The Benefits of Strawberries

This wonderful berry possesses a unique combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. As an added benefit, one cup of strawberries = 46 calories. Not too shabby. Did you know that strawberries can: – Whiten teeth – Help you in fighting heart diseases – Enhance your beauty regime

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