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Edema: Causes and Treatments

Edema, is swelling that’s caused by excess fluid building up in your body. As the fluid accumulates inside the blood and lymph vessels, it gets pushed out and into the surrounding tissues. The tissues absorb the fluid like a sponge and begins to swell. Edema can occur anywhere in your body, including your organs, but […]

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A New Purpose

Winning.  That’s what matters most – at least that’s what I imagine former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Joe Ehrmann believed while playing in the NFL early in his career.  And then tragedy struck.  On the same year he played in the Pro Bowl, Joe’s brother Billy lost his life to cancer.  Following Billy’s death, his […]

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Playing the Genetic Cards You’re Dealt

The case of the month is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic. It’s unbelievable how your genes, those tiny little chunks of DNA that make you who you are, can be sources of both delight and despair in life. Azoospermic Angst My lovely patient was trying to conceive for several years. Upon evaluation, he was found to be […]

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Shooting Straight After Vasectomy Reversal

What we do for love! You had a vasectomy knowing that, without a doubt, more kids were not a part of your future.  Yet now, here you are, looking to have more rug rats. And this comes right after spending gobs of time and money sorting out the four C’s of the diamond ring thing. The Fork […]

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Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis and low bone density currently affects an estimated 55% of the population over the age of 50 in the United States. This means that 1 in 8 people over the age of 50 will have it at some point in their lives. It is estimated that about 54 million Americans are affected by the […]

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