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Be Careful Relaxing

The case of the month is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic. He had been trying to conceive for the better part of two years with no luck. His wife was healthy, had very regular cycles and had been thoroughly “checked out” early on. He was eating great, maintaining a good weight, and certainly treating his […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Here’s a great infographic provided by TeenSafe on the whats, hows, whys, dos, and don’ts of keeping kids safe from bullies online. Click on the image to expand it.

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Put Down the Golf Club and Pick Up a Tennis Racket

As you get older it becomes more difficult to balance your vices, hobbies and workouts. Take a round of golf for example. For me, playing golf is a chance once a week to get some fresh air, relax and have a couple of beers and a cigar. The line between leisure and physical activity gets […]

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Groin Pain and Swelling in Men: What Could it Mean?

Groin pain and swelling could be a red flag for men and potentially indicate many different conditions. It is important to know what these conditions are since they can range from kidney stones to cancers, and to be able to identify when something is wrong. Not only can this be worrisome to any man experiencing […]

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Cycling Toward Childlessness?

She looks at me earnestly, searching for approval and says: “I’ve made sure that he stopped bicycling as I have read that it’s bad for his fertility, right?” Not so fast. Saddle Sore There is hard data to suggest that bicycling long enough can impair erections, especially if the saddle results in pelvic numbness. But fertility? Not the […]

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