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When Addictive Thoughts Open a Window to Enlightenment

By Laura Fenton When people find that they are having addictive thoughts, they often do one of three things: they either try to argue themselves out of them, attempt to distract themselves, or treat these thoughts like a challenge that need to be overcome. Therapists are showing, however, that there can be great value from […]

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How a Frankenpenis Helps Medicine

First heart transplants and now penis transplants! Maybe it’s the ocean air, maybe the bucolic African terrain, or maybe it’s the hardy souls who live there, but South Africa has done it again. The first working interhuman penis transplant. Urination? Check. Sexual function? Check. A veritable functioning Frankenpenis. Big Cojones Christiaan Barnard performed the first […]

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Secret to Better Sex? Get Better Sleep!

According to a new study, getting better sleep is the key to having better sex. Young women were more likely to have an appetite for sex and actually have sex if during the previous night, they slept better. The study’s lead author, David Kalmbach, said the results do not necessarily mean women should be sleeping […]

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How March Madness Affects Your Blood Pressure

He shoots…he scores! March Madness might be a great way to reconnect with your alma mater or discover a new Cinderella team. But if you’re not careful, it’s also a time of the year that can raise your blood pressure and impact your health.  And, it doesn’t always matter if you’re a coach or a […]

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Substance Abuse

substance abuseTalking to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

For today’s young men, drugs, alcohol, and addiction aren’t quite the same as they were when we were their age. And just over the past decade, attitudes towards substance abuse have changed, and so have the drugs themselves. Information and Education One of the best ways to protect our kids from substance abuse and addiction […]

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