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Support During Trauma: You Are Not Alone

As a recent survivor of an Artery Vein Malfunction, brain injuries are a topic I hold extremely dear to me. In September of 2013, a collection of tangled blood vessels in my brain tore, physically affecting the right side of my body. The bleed was significant; as there was about as much blood spilled in […]

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25 blood disorders you should know about

Blood disorders that affect red blood cells: Anemia: Low red blood cell count. With a mild case of anemia, people do not usually experience any symptoms. However, when anemia becomes severe, it often causes symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and pale skin. Sickle cell anemia: An inherited condition in which there are not […]

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Get Up and Get Moving, Part 2

Forget about air pollution. Some people—particularly those who live in large urban areas where the air quality is less than ideal—avoid exercise because they’re afraid of the damage smog could do. But researchers at the University of Copenhagen have concluded that the “benefits of exercise outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution.” To be more […]

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ABC’s Of Saving Someone’s Life

Medical emergencies can happen at any time and require leadership and poise to address them. However, it is often difficult to decide if something is even an emergency, let alone figure out how to address it. As an EMT, I’m trained to recognize them, but most people are not. Being able to recognize a medical […]

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Get Up and Get Moving, Part 1

Scientists are famous for their disagreements, and if you—whether you’re a scientist or not—know where to look, you can find a study that can support pretty much any position. But when it comes to the topic of physical exercise, almost everyone agrees that it’s good for you. Actually, “good for you” is a bit of […]

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