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Are Energy Drinks and Health Supplements Good of You?

One of the fastest growing trends in the US market today is energy drinks and supplements. With $9 billion of sales and an increasing number of adults 18-35 years old using them, energy drinks are becoming a part of our culture. However, they have been linked to heart problems and even death. This is worsened with the mix of alcohol […]

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David StanleyLate Life Sex

He was an elegant man in his late-80s and he came to see me for help. Widowed for 20 years, he recently met a younger woman; she was in her 70’s. He hadn’t had a sex life for many years and also noted “erection issues” for during that time. Still Dreaming “I would really like […]

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Treatment Options For Prostate Cancer

Active Surveillance/Watchful Waiting These are not types of treatment, but ways to monitor prostate cancer when it is very low-risk or slow growing. During active surveillance or watchful waiting, your doctor will keep track of the prostate cancer using various tests including a PSA blood test, digital rectal exam, and ultrasound. If the prostate cancer […]

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Excessive Sweating

According to, Sweating is a bodily function that helps regulate your body temperature by releasing salt-based fluid from your sweat glands. But sometimes, your body produces too much sweat which causes a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This condition can affect the sweat glands in your palms, feet, underarms, face, hairline or any combination of […]

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Breaking The Mother-Son DynamicWrestling With the Witch

Editor’s note: This post is part 1 in a 3 part series on the Mother-Son dynamic. Click here for the other posts in the series. The other night I had a dream: I was running down a dark street. I had a lot of money in my wallet, and knew it was dangerous to be in […]

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