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heavy metal music as therapy?Why Heavy Metal Music Could Be Good for Us

As a rule, parents don’t like the music their children listen to–and they never have. That said, we all know that music can–and does–affect the way we feel, bringing up emotions such as joy, sadness, love, and anger. The big question, however, has always been whether those emotions trigger certain kinds of behavior. A fascinating […]

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corey kalish headshotAre men an endangered species?

How come men don’t live as long as women? Is it because they do things like big wave surfing, base jumping in squirrel suits or highlining between buildings? Maybe we have a testosterone-fueled, Evil Knievel gene within us, right next to the air guitar and channel surfing genes, and are simply destined to break 433 bones, just […]

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Suffering from IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is a common disorder that affects the colon, (aka large intestine). The condition causes a number of embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms such as gas, constipation, cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Most people who are at risk for Irritable bowel syndrome usually begin to experience signs and symptoms […]

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gendron - forgiving fatherHow I finally forgave my father

For years, I questioned why I had to experience the gruesome, heartbreaking death of my eight-month-old puppy Ezra. It seemed so horribly tragic, meaningless, and preventable. I was fourteen years old, and for 10 years I had experienced what felt like two separate lives as I visited back and forth between my divorced parents. The […]

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Why You Should Never Touch Anything on a Plane

The air in the cabin is clean, but when it comes to health risks, everything else in the cabin in a horror story. So, rather than a surgical mask, you’d be better off investing your money in surgical gloves. Planes used for short trips may do as many as eight trips per day. Those used […]

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