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Masculinity, Sports

ted stachulski - report cardSports, Concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injury, Part II

The Effects of Concussions The following Monday afternoon I went to football practice and sat with the team in the locker room to review the game film with the coaches. The head coach stopped the film after the kickoff and said, “The coaches and I have never seen a player run so fast down the […]

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Depression, Others, Psychology

alzheimer'sDetecting Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

The elusive cause of Alzheimer’s disease continues to frustrate researchers but they are getting better at discovering earlier indicators of it. A new report from researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2016 (AAIC 2016), have developed a 38-point checklist that could be beneficial to doctors in […]

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too much protein not enough fiberToo Much Protein, Not Enough Fiber

There’s no question that protein is important. It plays a role in just about everything that goes on in our body, keeping our bones and muscles strong; our nails, skin, and hair looking good; our internal organs running properly; and more. But the proliferation of high-protein products and the nonstop barrage of ads has got […]

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Eye Health, Others

protect senses as you ageHow to Preserve Your Senses as You Age 

As you get older, it’s normal to find that you’re not able to see, hear or smell things as well as when you were younger. Yes, you grow older and wiser, but you also feel older and less sharp in your senses. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can start taking now to preserve your […]

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Masculinity, Sports

football - concussionThe Frightening World of Sports, Concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injury, Part I

Why I Quit Playing Football Thirty years ago, I abruptly quit playing high school football while my team was preparing for a playoff game in which the winner would advance to the 1985 New Hampshire Division I-High School Football Championship. My teammates and coaches were upset at me and confused as to why I just stopped […]

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