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Getting Snipped and Getting Cancer

You’re done with the kid thing and thinking of getting your wings clipped. What can go wrong early on after a vasectomy is pretty understandable and, fortunately, quite uncommon. But what about later on, say many years afterwards? Anything you should worry about? Worry Wart I get asked this all the time by patient’s considering […]

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having a heart attackSo, You Think You’re Having a Heart Attack

You start having chest pains, so go to the nearest emergency room. Needless to say, it’s a frightening, stressful time. You look to the health professionals treating you to get best possible advice about next steps. Are you having a heart attack? Do you need to be admitted to the hospital? Chest pain accounts for […]

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Fascinating Facts about Your Digestive System

Our digestive system is an amazing 26 foot length work of art. Its talent includes taking the food we eat, breaking down and extracting the components of various nutrients, fiber, and calories that help to nourish and keep us alive. This work of the digestive system comprises the two main functions this irreplaceable system has […]

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Substance Abuse

Five Signs that Your Child May Have an Alcohol or Drug Addiction

When you are a parent, it is important to take the time to pay attention to what your teenager is doing. Teens are partying earlier than ever and less afraid of the consequences that can come with hardcore partying with MDMA and alcohol abuse. It is important to know the signs of alcohol or drug […]

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Substance Abuse

Three Ways to Help Your Loved One Facing Addiction

Addiction can be tough not only on the person who is suffering from the illness but on the family as well. When you have a loved one who is dealing with any type of addiction, you want to tread lightly to avoid worsening their condition. Addictions can show up in all different ways and have […]

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