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babies need to sleep on their backBack to Sleep is the Only Way for Infants

Dear Mr. Dad: Our baby boy was born just a month ago and, although we were told at the hospital to put him down to sleep on his back, my wife says that it’s safer for him on his tummy because it will keep him from choking. Who’s right? Please help. A: You are. In their […]

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Closing the Gap on Cardiovascular Disease among African Americans

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading killer in the United States, and African Americans are excessively burdened by poor cardiovascular health.[i] [ii] [iii] Adding to this burden are barriers to high-quality and timely health care. As a result, CVD is often diagnosed too late, leading to a disproportionate number of African Americans suffering and dying from heart disease […]

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Masculinity, Other Cancers

oncodermatologistSee an ‘Onco-Dermatologist’ for Cancer-Related Skin, Hair, and Nail Problems

Soothing the skin helps cancer patients through treatment. You probably know that oncologists treat cancer and dermatologists specialize in problems related to the skin, hair and nails—but you may not have heard of “onco-dermatology.” It links the two specialties to focus on the prevention and treatment of the skin, hair and nail problems that often arise as side […]

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which joints deteriorate firstWhich Joints Deteriorate First?

All joints are at crucial points of the body, where two bones meet and move. Joints are the parts of our body that provide overall stability for our musculoskeletal system and facilitate movement. Joints also contain important things like cartilage. The patches of cartilage within joints support bones and the skeletal system by giving a […]

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men's fertility drugsHow Are Men’s Fertility Drugs Regulated and Dispensed Correctly?

The Federal Drug Administration is notoriously slow in approving new drugs of all types for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is the agency wants to ensure the product actually does what the manufacturers claim it can do, as the agency is generally concerned about approving effective medications. Public safety is also a serious […]

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