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prostate active surveillanceProstate Cancer: An Aggressive Approach to Active Surveillance

“Active surveillance” is becoming increasingly common in the diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate cancer.   Richard Watson ran a successful company producing electric radiant heating systems and authored a handbook for his field, traveling as far as China to discuss international standards. He  raised five children and had three grandchildren. He enjoyed playing […]

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Aging, Others

newly hearing impairedNewly Hearing Impaired? Technology and Tips to Make Life Easier

In the world of hearing impairment, there are positive signs. A deaf model won the “America’s Next Top Model” reality show, Uber allows hearing-impaired drivers to give rides, which facilitates their success. The “Toy Like Me” campaign went viral and brought attention to children with hearing loss. That said, take a listen to 14-year-old Harrison, […]

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Fertility, Masculinity, Sex

male contraceptivesGenetic Advance for Male Birth Control

When it comes to birth control, many males turn to two options: condoms or vasectomies. While the two choices are effective, both methods merely focus on blocking the transportation of sperm. New research led by Michigan State University and published in Nature Communications, however, has given scientists a genetic foundation for a different option. Chen […]

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Substance Abuse

opium poppiesBeating Opioid Addiction

Researchers and clinicians at Yale School of Medicine advocate a medicine-centric approach to dealing with opioid addiction. On average, two people die of drug overdose every day in Connecticut. Although the growing availability of the overdose antidote naloxone has saved many lives, the death toll from opioid overdose is still staggering. There’s growing recognition that […]

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Lifestyle, Relationships

six ways to save your husband's lifeSix Ways to Save Your Husband’s Life

In case you hadn’t noticed, men have a pretty lackadaisical attitude toward their health—an attitude that contributes to the fact that they’re 90 percent more likely than women to die of heart disease, 20 percent more likely to die of a stroke, and 40 percent more likely to die of cancer. And the situation is […]

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