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out in natureGet Outdoors: Four Ways to Boost Your Well-Being While in Nature

One of the easiest ways to improve your overall wellbeing is to spend more time in the great outdoors. So put down your smartphone and get ff the grid for a few hours or, heck, an entire weekend. Here are four ways to enjoy the benefits that nature provides for both your mind and body. […]

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crossfitExercise That Doesn’t Discriminate: What CrossFit Gets Right

For decades, lifting weights was the exclusive domain of men. Ten or fifteen years ago, you’d have been lucky to have seen a few female athletes pumping iron. Recently, though, with the popularization of CrossFit and other similar exercise programs, women feel much more welcome in weight rooms around the country. In fact, one recent […]

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Cardio, Others

peripheral artery diseasePeripheral Artery Disease: Rerouting Blood Vessels to Save a Patient’s Legs

Treatment of PAD has undergone a revolution since the first time Steve Valvanis had the condition. Steve Valavanis thought he put his circulation problems behind him 20 years ago, when he had major surgeries on both of his legs to replace his blocked arteries. But, in 2015, when the 64-year-old Mystic resident was playing golf […]

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Depression, Fatherhood, Parenting, Relationships

miscarriage grief - not for women onlyMiscarriage Grief: Not for Women Only

Dear Mr. Dad: Just after our first trimester, my wife and I lost our baby. I’ve been focusing on being there for her and supporting her every way I can. But this miscarriage has hit me pretty hard too and I’m having a tough time coping. Part of the problem is that I feel guilty […]

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clinical trialWith Clinical Trials, People Can Get New Treatments Not Available to Others

Besides testing treatments, research studies help doctors understand conditions so they can help future patients For over four years Jessica Donlon, 17, suffered from depression that was so severe, she had difficulty getting out of bed. She gave up cheerleading and softball, spending much of her time sleeping. She tried many kinds of medications and […]

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