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male victims of abuse#Me(n) Too: Why Sexual Abuse is a Men’s Issue Not Just a Women’s Issue

More and more men are being recognized as sexual abusers and more and more women are coming out telling the truth about having been abused. We have gotten used to seeing rich and famous men including Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump being held to account for their abusive behavior. More recently we have […]

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Family Issues, Nutrition

east meets west diet chinese medicineDiet: Where East Meets (and Greets) West

I grew up practicing Western medicine. However, I now teach Eastern Medicine. For years, I thought these were two utterly and diabolically opposed camps. But now I know they’re not. Vive La Difference For sure, there are fundamental differences between Eastern and Western medicine. Western medicine is based on deductive reasoning or “top-down” logic in which assumed general truths lead to specific conclusions. […]

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Education, Family Issues

be a health angelBe a Health Angel and Give Back

Here are some ways you can help make the world better—and healthier—this holiday season and beyond.   ‘Tis the season to be generous. And what better cause to give to than good health? There are many healthful ways to make a difference—from reading to children at the hospital to sharing medical information with scientists to donating […]

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Fitness, Nutrition

Do Men Lose Weight Faster than WomenDo Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

It may not seem quite fair to the ladies, but the overall opinion is that men do lose weight faster than women. Individual results do vary widely based on diet, calories consumed, and level of exercise. Some women can lose weight very quickly while some men struggle. But in general, will you lose weight faster […]

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fake viagra-infoPurchasing ED Medication Safely

Finding time to go to see the doctor can be challenging, but when that visit would involve an uncomfortable topic like erectile dysfunction (ED), putting off making that appointment does not seem like such a big deal. Using an online pharmacy that isn’t asking too many questions seems like the best, most discreet solution to […]

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