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cancer diagnosis - journey of hopeMy Cancer Diagnosis: A Journey of Hope

My cancer diagnosis came as a complete surprise to me. I’d led a pretty healthy life and hadn’t had any major medical issues prior to my diagnosis. I had been in a phase of my life where I was focusing on exercise and weight reduction. I had lost a good amount of weight and I […]

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Cardio, Fitness, Health, Sports

wearable men's health techMen’s HealthTech: Adding the Warmth of Wisdom

What’s a great way to get health information about men? Why wearables, of course.  In 2016, there were 325 million wearable devices in the world. That’s “big data” territory by any measure. But have wearables actually improved the health of men? In a word, no. Or not yet anyway. Stay Home Medicine But there’s a 2.0 movement in men’s healthtech: entirely digital […]

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do you need a prostate examDo You Really Need a Prostate Check?

This is one of many important questions we ask urologist Preston Sprenkle, MD, about prostate cancer. Having a prostate exam might rank right up there with filing your taxes or cleaning the gutters (or maybe it even tops that list). But, it could be helpful to think in a different way about getting your prostate […]

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Depression, Growing Up, Masculinity

real men eat meat - mythIn Search of My Lost Body: Real Men Eat Meat and Other Masculinity Myths

It’s January and once again I begin thinking about losing weight. I keep track of my weight and keep losing and gaining the same 20 pounds. I eat pretty well, but I eat too much. Like most people, there are a million reasons why I weigh more than I want to weigh. I’ve always been […]

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Fatherhood, Parenting

limit settingThere’s a Limit to Setting Limits

Dear Mr. Dad: Anytime the topic of discipline comes up, everyone talks about how important it is to set limits. I agree, but it’s a lot easier to talk about it than to actually do it, especially when the kids (mine are 4 and 8) push back and challenge everything. How do you suggest we […]

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