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neglected males in collegeThe Young American Male: A Shameful Chronology of Neglect

A Colleague Learns a Decades-Long Truth: Academics Barely Care about Young Men I was saddened but not surprised to read of my esteemed colleague Glenn Geher’s recent experience at our college (where I am an emeritus). At a meeting of administrators to discuss a panel of “highly successful female alumni,” where faculty were urged to encourage their […]

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Does Your Child Struggle with the Transition Back to School?Does Your Child Struggle with the Transition Back to School?

It’s hard to believe, but over the next few weeks, most kids will be back in school (my niece and nephews started last week and my newly minted high-schooler starts next week!). Summer flew by and I’m frantically transitioning my daughter out of her summer sleep schedules and gathering her school supplies. The beginning of […]

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college not for everyoneCollege is Great–But Not for Everyone

Dear Mr. Dad: While I appreciate your recent column about the benefits of education, I encourage you to add the option for a career technical education (CTE) degree and/or certificate to possible educational endeavors. Not all students are destined for a four-year degree. Without the burden of substantial debt., large numbers of students can have […]

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lack of education can killLack of Education Could Kill You

Dear Mr. Dad: My son just finished his sophomore year of high school and has decided that he doesn’t want to graduate. My wife and I never finished high school and we’re doing okay—she’s a waitress and I’m an auto mechanic. Some of my friends (the ones who have college degrees) are telling me that […]

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wanted: male nursesWanted: Male Nurses

Despite efforts to promote greater gender equality among professions, there remains a significant need for more men in the nursing profession. The nursing field is only around 6% male, though this number is slowly rising. It doesn’t seem to be the education itself that serves as a deterrent; many men entering the nursing field have […]

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