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ack of education could killLack of Education Could Kill You. Really.

The warnings started when I was in junior high (now called middle school). My parents, both of whom were in the first generation of our family to go to college, started warning me that if I didn’t quit fooling around at school and do my homework I might not get a degree. And without a […]

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A trip to the White HouseA trip to the White House

It was a “seminal” event, and by White House invitation. The topic? The future of men’s health. Why are men medically underserved in America? What cultural factors are at play that we can change? Who should be involved? Seeds of Change An impressive array of stakeholders was present for the dialogue. Hats off to the […]

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The Flipside of Living Forever

Name some issues brand new to this world in the last 100 years. How about nuclear war, environmental pollution and climate change? Medically, we can blame carpal tunnel syndrome on the typewriter or computer keyboard, and “automobile knee” on that awful car commute. Hard to know whether these marks on modern society are preferable to […]

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A Second Opinion Offers Prostate Cancer Patients Peace of Mind

Why wouldn’t you seek a second opinion regarding a cancer diagnosis? It’s the smart thing to do, and it’s the accepted thing to do. Let’s say you’re a 46-year-old male. You’ve just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. You never thought in a million years that this would happen to you. In the midst of your […]

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Fact, Theory and Truth in Science

I am giving a talk to a large gathering of Kaiser docs from Southern California this week on whether a relationship exists between male infertility and the later development of cancer. We have published some of the most convincing data to date to suggest that they are linked. But is it really, absolutely true? What is […]

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