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When Losing Is Actually Winning

Dear Mr. Dad: My kids are 9 and 11 and they’re fortunate enough to be good at almost everything they do. But if something comes up that they don’t pick up immediately—whether it’s a sport, a board game, an art project, or something else—they tend to get frustrated and quit. How can I get them […]

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Should You Teach Your Child a Second Language?

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and I are both American and speak only English. We’ve heard that it’s good to expose children to other languages. Is it really? If so, when and how do we do it? A: There’s absolutely no question that learning a second language is good for kids (and adults). Here’s how: […]

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special needs kids need special dadsSpecial Needs Kids Need Special Dads

Dear Mr. Dad: Our 5-year-old daughter has several special needs. My wife and I love her unconditionally, but I have to admit that parenting her has affected our marriage. Part of the tension comes from the fact that she and I don’t respond to the stress the same way. Do you think there’s anything we […]

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The More the Merrier

Name something besides celebrity status that the following couples have in common: Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg, Tory Spelling and Dean McDermott, and Victoria and David Beckham. Bingo! They each have a brood of 4 kids. Whatsup with large families? A Big Brood I just got another birth announcement from a lovely couple in my […]

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Getting Snipped and Getting Cancer

You’re done with the kid thing and thinking of getting your wings clipped. What can go wrong early on after a vasectomy is pretty understandable and, fortunately, quite uncommon. But what about later on, say many years afterwards? Anything you should worry about? Worry Wart I get asked this all the time by patient’s considering […]

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