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playing poker with varicocelesPlaying Poker with Varicoceles

He was a sweet sixteen when he came to see me with his parents, both doctors. Before he said a single word, his Father blurted out: “Our son has a clinical varicocele and we’ve read all about them. We’re wondering whether or not he should have it fixed.” Fair enough. It’s what I do for a living. I […]

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Fatherhood, Parenting

feed the pig financial managementYesterday’s Tomorrow: Make Learning about Finances Fun

It happens to everyone sooner or later: The big financial emergency that makes you feel like your life may crumble and fall. But if you have a good financial plan in place, those great big, one-time bills or financial emergencies won’t be as life altering as they might otherwise be. Saving money is critically important […]

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life on steroidsToo Scared to Stop Steroids

He looked great. Ripped, tan and handsome, he appeared straight off the cover of Men’s Health magazine. But inside he wasn’t feeling as good as he looked. Something was missing…the desire to be a dad usurped his feeling for fine fettle. Muscle Juice “I was juicing by the book for years to bodybuild,” he started out. “I […]

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Fatherhood, Sex

sex during pregnancySex During Pregnancy? Yes, Please!

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m almost eight months pregnant and my sex life has completely disappeared. My husband used to want to make love all the time (so did I) and we did it a lot. But for the past four or five months, he hasn’t laid a hand on me. I actually feel quite sexy […]

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Aging, Fatherhood

not a bad dadNot Bad Dad, Not Bad at All

It sent chills up my spine. I was smack in the middle of vasectomy reversal microsurgery when my surgical technician sitting opposite me blatted out: “Did you know my Dad just died?” I stopped what I was doing, looked around the operating microscope between us, and said “Really?” He said: ”No lie, drug overdose…age 53.” I […]

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