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How to Impress Her on Valentine’s Day

You asked her for a date on Valentine’s Day. Now what? You really want to impress her. Dinner and a movie? A dinner show? Just dinner? A ball game? Hot tubbing or a spa? Karaoke? Salsa dancing? Split some chocolate lava cake? The pressure is on. It must be perfect. What’s a guy to do? […]

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I Saved a Man and He Saved Me

I learned something today. Something really important. About how to stick to your guns, how use your gut. About what it really means to be a doctor. And, what’s funny is that I didn’t have to cure a man of cancer to learn this, but simply rid him of pain. A tech engineer, he hailed […]

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Are Urologists Losing It?

Let me get this straight. Twenty-five years ago, Urologists popularized a blood test for the early detection of a silent but very common and deadly cancer. With this tool in hand, called the PSA test, hundreds of millions of men have been screened worldwide since, changing the face of this cancer on the planet as […]

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Oncotype DX

A new genetic test has recently become available called Oncotype DX. The test is made by Genomic Health and will now be available at Dr. Samadi’s Prostate Cancer Center in New York City. What is Oncotype DX? The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is a biopsy-based genetic test that can be combined with other measures […]

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Are We Less Fertile Today?

How big was your family a couple of generations ago? Dial things back a half a century and you’d see that having 3 or 4 kids was pretty much average in America. Now, having 2 kids or fewer is the norm. What happened? Are we less fertile? I know what you’re thinking: so what if modern […]

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