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tech ailments mapHow Our Addiction to Our Tech Devices Is Harming Our Bodies

The average person in the United States consumes roughly 12 hours of media every day and a large portion of that is on smartphones, tablets and our computers at work. Our modern relationship to our tech devices (such as slouching while working on a computer and constantly being on your cell phone) is causing harm […]

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reduce workplace stressThree Ideas to Help Create a Less-Stressful Work Environment

As a business owner, you may at times feel like a circus performer trying to juggle several plates in the air at once while on a unicycle. While you’re doing everything in your power to not fall off the unicycle — or break any plates in the process — it’s almost inevitable that at least […]

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home officePros and Cons of Working at Home

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a new father and my company recently offered me the option working from home a few days a week. That sounds pretty great to me, but I’m curious about the positives and negatives. A: As someone who’s worked from home for more than 20 years, I can definitely see the attraction: […]

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Can Men Survive the Demise of the Bread-Winner Role?

Like many men, my father grew up knowing that he had to be successful as the family breadwinner. Then, as now, it wasn’t always easy to fulfill that crucial role that is at the core of a man’s self-esteem. While his brothers all went into business, my father’s passion was to be an actor. When […]

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men need not applyMen Need Not Apply

The current climate of gender purging is an alarming one.   “In Boston, the leader of a businesswomen’s group said that some women were so angry about the wave of sexual harassment revelations that they no longer wanted to hire more men.” That’s the opening line in a recent article in the New York Times. The woman is 32-year-old […]

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