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stand up for your views - or notWhen to Stand up for Your Views–and When Not To

Dear Mr. Dad: With all the talk about #MeToo these days, I want to teach my children about the importance of standing up for themselves and what they believe in. When do you think is the right time to start, and how should I do it? A: Teaching children to stand up for themselves and what […]

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Fertility, Stress, testosterone

worry ibuprofenShould You Worry When You Take Ibuprofen?

Is anything good in excess? Most of us can make the argument that excess has its place in life: pets, shoes, cars, art, love. Others, like Mahatma Ghandi, prefer the ascetic existence in which material things are roundly denounced. Throughout history even the greats can’t agree about excess: Hippocrates espoused that “everything in excess is […]

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Fatherhood, Parenting, Relationships

fight in front of kidsWhen–and How–to Fight In Front of the Kids

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I have always had a loud relationship. There’s never any physical violence, but we do tend to argue a lot. One recent source of disagreements is whether it’s okay to argue in front of our kids, who are 5 and 8. What’s your take? A: Conventional wisdom says that you […]

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Anxiety, Depression, Stress

meditationMeditation Isn’t What You Think

Dear Mr. Dad: A few years ago, you wrote about the benefits of meditation for children. I honestly thought you were joking. But a counselor at my son’s school just recommended it, saying it could help my son’s severe anxiety. When I asked how to do it, he handed me a copy of your article! […]

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prosthesis worryThe Little Prosthesis That Could

What’s one of the best ways to improve a man’s sexual health? Get him to stop worrying about his “junk.” And one of the best ways to wring out the worry is to ensure that things look normal down there. It can be that simple. Worry Warts About a decade ago, we published a paper reporting that 80-90% of […]

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