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A Good Year for Sperm

You know about what happened to oil prices last year. And you know about the Paris and San Bernardino shootings. There was also the marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court and the Baltimore protests. All newsworthy by any measure. But did you know that it was also a big year for sperm?

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Making Mapping Matter

She approached the microphone slowly from the back of the room, appearing to float, wrapped in her colorful hijab. A doctor from Pakistan, she had some questions and a comment after hearing my talk. A Kind Interrogation “Your Sperm Mapping technique for azoospermic men” she stated softly, “is it done under just local anesthesia?” “Yes,” I responded. […]

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Oncotype DX

A new genetic test has recently become available called Oncotype DX. The test is made by Genomic Health and will now be available at Dr. Samadi’s Prostate Cancer Center in New York City. What is Oncotype DX? The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test is a biopsy-based genetic test that can be combined with other measures […]

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Dr. David Samadi on the Dangers of Excessive Weight

Being overweight poses a very real health risk and should be an issue taken seriously by everyone. As a general guideline a person’s waistline should be their height (in inches) divided by 2, and should be less than 35″ for women and 40″ for men.

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Part I: Passivity and the Male Psyche

Passivity in men has been one of the least studied, discussed, and explained aspects of masculine psychology. Understanding passivity is an essential and important key to creating healthy relationships, increasing self-esteem and healing the bodies, minds, and spirits of men who are hurting or hurting others.

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