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alzheimer's diagnosisPromising Techniques for Earlier Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Recent technologies allow doctors to diagnose the degenerative brain disease earlier. A dense forest of 100 billion nerve cells flourishes deep within each of our brains. Each of those nerve cells has about 15,000 dendrites that branch out to connect with dendrites from other nerve cells at more than 100 trillion points. Electrical signals race […]

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aarp financial security is possibleRetirement Doesn’t Have to be Scary

When we’re young and agile, most of us look forward to starting a family, buying a nice car, buying a house and making it into a home. Then as we age, we invest money, time, and energy in our kids, our careers, and our social lives. That’s all pretty normal, but when’s the right time […]

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newly hearing impairedNewly Hearing Impaired? Technology and Tips to Make Life Easier

In the world of hearing impairment, there are positive signs. A deaf model won the “America’s Next Top Model” reality show, Uber allows hearing-impaired drivers to give rides, which facilitates their success. The “Toy Like Me” campaign went viral and brought attention to children with hearing loss. That said, take a listen to 14-year-old Harrison, […]

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12 bad habits hair loss12 Bad Habits That Can Lead to Hair Loss

Have you often been the subject of envy or appreciation when it came to your hair? Did you always have a shiny tuft of hair that wasn’t just healthy but also had a certain vigour to it that made heads turn? Has that thick mane of hair predeceased its glory days, merely reducing to a […]

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which joints deteriorate firstWhich Joints Deteriorate First?

All joints are at crucial points of the body, where two bones meet and move. Joints are the parts of our body that provide overall stability for our musculoskeletal system and facilitate movement. Joints also contain important things like cartilage. The patches of cartilage within joints support bones and the skeletal system by giving a […]

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