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prosthesis worryThe Little Prosthesis That Could

What’s one of the best ways to improve a man’s sexual health? Get him to stop worrying about his “junk.” And one of the best ways to wring out the worry is to ensure that things look normal down there. It can be that simple. Worry Warts About a decade ago, we published a paper reporting that 80-90% of […]

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heart and marriageThe Connection Between a Healthy Marriage and a Healthy Heart

A recent study suggests that men in marriages that improved over time may have a lower risk for heart disease. For many, marriage signals the beginning of an entwined and, at times, tangled relationship. Spouses often play the role of friend, co-parent, caregiver, financial partner and emotional support system for their significant other. Given the […]

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wearable men's health techMen’s HealthTech: Adding the Warmth of Wisdom

What’s a great way to get health information about men? Why wearables, of course.  In 2016, there were 325 million wearable devices in the world. That’s “big data” territory by any measure. But have wearables actually improved the health of men? In a word, no. Or not yet anyway. Stay Home Medicine But there’s a 2.0 movement in men’s healthtech: entirely digital […]

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effects of divorce on menEffects of Divorce on Men

Tough, resilient, and confident – this is the way men are portrayed in the media. Men are not pictured as being weak or needing help, especially when it comes to the family unit. But, according to a study published in the Journal of Men’s Health, men are more susceptible to health issues following a divorce […]

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peripheral artery diseasePeripheral Artery Disease: Rerouting Blood Vessels to Save a Patient’s Legs

Treatment of PAD has undergone a revolution since the first time Steve Valvanis had the condition. Steve Valavanis thought he put his circulation problems behind him 20 years ago, when he had major surgeries on both of his legs to replace his blocked arteries. But, in 2015, when the 64-year-old Mystic resident was playing golf […]

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