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benefits of meditationFive Amazing Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

While ultimately rooted in the religious practices of East Asia, meditation and mindfulness are essentially the cultivation of a positive and tranquil mental state via focused periods of practice. Just as your body needs nutrition and exercise to function properly, so too does your emotional center and state of mind require special tools for their […]

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8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Holidays are one of those times of the year when your health or fitness plans can take a real dent. It’s natural that you’ll want to relax, take part in activities that you enjoy the most—which might include sitting and eating a lot—and generally not doing a great deal. So while you might not make […]

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warning signs of heart attacksHow to Recognize a Heart Emergency

These heart health tips could save your life. David Jones, a businessman in his 40s, lived a healthy lifestyle. He exercised regularly and ate a balanced diet. Yet, one day, he noticed a heaviness in his chest. He went to an urgent care center, where tests showed that his heart was not receiving enough nutrients […]

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plant-based dietFive Reasons Men Are Eating More Plant-Based Meals

In 2012, Ken Chadwick hit rock bottom. He weighed more than ever at 327 pounds and it was a struggle for him to not gain even more weight. One morning, his then wife came into the bedroom while he was putting on his socks. He couldn’t reach his feet due to the girth of his […]

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gum disease and heart disease connectedUnhealthy Gums and Heart Disease: How Are They Related?

Are They Really Connected? Wondering if gum disease can be the cause of an unhealthy heart? Many research studies have found that poor oral health can significantly increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. So can regular brushing and flossing give you a healthy heart? Doctors Say Yes. While the cause and effect relationship […]

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