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diabetes and eye healthEye Health and Diabetes: What Every Diabetic Should Know

Millions of people today suffer from diabetes. If you are one of them, you probably know about its effects on different parts of your body. But, did you know that diabetes poses a major threat to your eye health as well? Read to know more about the different types of eye disorders that diabetics are […]

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avoid diabetes-related complicationsHow to Avoid Diabetes-Related Health Complications

Diabetes increases the risk of many serious problems related to the circulatory system. When blood glucose levels are too high, small blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, heart, and nervous system may be damaged. This can lead to a range of severe complications. Most diabetes-related complications can be prevented with a healthy diet, plenty of […]

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Managing Your Diabetes Isn’t Easy—But It’s Worth It

Managing diabetes isn’t easy, especially during the holidays when it’s hard to stick to your routine and treats and goodies seem to be everywhere. But it’s definitely worth it. Diabetes is a serious disease that affects 29 million adults in the United States. Left undiagnosed or untreated, diabetes can lead to serious health problems such […]

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get fit weight lossGetting Fit: How to Handle Your Weight Loss Transition

Are you ready to commit to getting fit? If you can make a promise to start taking good care of your body, you can be successful at reaching your physical and health goals. For most men, losing weight is only half the struggle, keeping it off is the hard part. But by putting your nose […]

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health benfits of beerRaise Your Glass to the Health Benefits of Beer

Scientists have found that moderate beer drinking is associated with a number of very positive health outcomes. But the key word here is moderate, which we’re defining as one or two beers per day for men and one for women. Much more than that and you’ll increase your risk of developing the same conditions that […]

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