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worry ibuprofenShould You Worry When You Take Ibuprofen?

Is anything good in excess? Most of us can make the argument that excess has its place in life: pets, shoes, cars, art, love. Others, like Mahatma Ghandi, prefer the ascetic existence in which material things are roundly denounced. Throughout history even the greats can’t agree about excess: Hippocrates espoused that “everything in excess is […]

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Aging, Fatherhood, Fertility

sperm bankingSperm Banking: The Littlest Things Can Mean the Most

Did you ever notice how the smallest things can make your day? Think of all of the things you do every single day, some by habit and some by intent. Realize that any one of them can make your day, if you let it. Join me for a moment in thinking small. Double Dare Read […]

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what love does for us and what we do for loveWhat We Do for Love and What Love Does for Us

They were moonstruck. Acting like no one else existed, they were silly, giddy and sat so close together that they stole the same air. The phenylethylamine,(love hormone) levels were so thick that you could cut it. Ah, love! A Quest for Love She was in her late 30s and it was her first marriage. He was […]

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Anxiety, Cardio, Fertility, Sex

prosthesis worryThe Little Prosthesis That Could

What’s one of the best ways to improve a man’s sexual health? Get him to stop worrying about his “junk.” And one of the best ways to wring out the worry is to ensure that things look normal down there. It can be that simple. Worry Warts About a decade ago, we published a paper reporting that 80-90% of […]

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Anxiety, Fertility, Sex

march madness yogic vasectomyMarch Madness and the Yogic Vasectomy

It’s time of the year again! A time of tournaments and TV, massive couch potatoing and a general dumbing down of fatherly responsibilities. All in the name of sports. But men also tend to do something very unique during tournament month. They get snipped. A recent health insurance study found that during the first round of the NCAA tournament, 30% more […]

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