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wearable men's health techMen’s HealthTech: Adding the Warmth of Wisdom

What’s a great way to get health information about men? Why wearables, of course.  In 2016, there were 325 million wearable devices in the world. That’s “big data” territory by any measure. But have wearables actually improved the health of men? In a word, no. Or not yet anyway. Stay Home Medicine But there’s a 2.0 movement in men’s healthtech: entirely digital […]

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fertility is simpleMan and Fertility: As Simple as it Gets

Cooking is complicated, right? It doesn’t have to be. Sure, there are thousands of recipes, hundreds of foods, and dozens of condiments. But you can cook a really good meal in less than an hour just by buying fresh, using common pantry ingredients and forgetting about “wowing” the palate. And in the words of Chef […]

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Do Men Lose Weight Faster than WomenDo Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

It may not seem quite fair to the ladies, but the overall opinion is that men do lose weight faster than women. Individual results do vary widely based on diet, calories consumed, and level of exercise. Some women can lose weight very quickly while some men struggle. But in general, will you lose weight faster […]

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How to Enhance Your Athletic PerformanceFitness Fever: How to Enhance Your Athletic Performance in 2018

To perform at your best in the coming year, you need to pull out all the stops and do everything in your power to achieve your personal potential. Athletic performance is studied in great depth by the brightest minds on the planet. Below are some of their insights into achieving peak performance: Get at Least […]

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crossfitExercise That Doesn’t Discriminate: What CrossFit Gets Right

For decades, lifting weights was the exclusive domain of men. Ten or fifteen years ago, you’d have been lucky to have seen a few female athletes pumping iron. Recently, though, with the popularization of CrossFit and other similar exercise programs, women feel much more welcome in weight rooms around the country. In fact, one recent […]

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