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tech ailments mapHow Our Addiction to Our Tech Devices Is Harming Our Bodies

The average person in the United States consumes roughly 12 hours of media every day and a large portion of that is on smartphones, tablets and our computers at work. Our modern relationship to our tech devices (such as slouching while working on a computer and constantly being on your cell phone) is causing harm […]

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exercise for MSExercise is Key for People with MS

I’ve been in health and wellness care for over 35 years, and here’s what I know: the best preventive measure in the world is exercise. Most people understand that even small amounts of exercise can provide substantial health benefits, but most people who acquire a health condition like MS often feel that exercise is no […]

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skin biopsySkin Biopsies: What You Should Expect

Here are the 10 steps involved in having a skin biopsy. When you notice a concerning rash or mole on your skin, the body’s largest organ, it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist to have it evaluated. Sometimes after checking the area, your dermatologist may recommend a skin biopsy. Skin biopsies are an important part […]

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humidityFive Health Problems That Come from Excessive Humidity

Excessive humidity inside your home makes you feel uncomfortable. While minor discomfort is not a serious concern, there are some serious health issues that can develop when you spend a lot of time in an area where the humidity is consistently high. It’s important that you recognize the potential danger to your health and that […]

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what is a pathologistWhat Is a Pathologist?

While you may never meet one, a pathologist can impact your medical care in important ways. Here’s how: Several years ago, a contest sponsored by Yale Medicine’s Department of Pathology invited local middle-school students to answer the question “What is a pathologist?” in order to win a powerful microscope. “I still laugh at the answers we got,” says Jon […]

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