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peyronie'sConnectivity Is the Key to Life for Men

He first saw me for a vasectomy when he was in his mid 30’s. Nervous as all get out, he braved the visit, did splendidly, and was a better man for it. This experience changed him, because from then on, he felt that doctors were “OK” and could be trusted. His first real “date” with […]

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June Is Men’s Health Month—Get Involved

Did you know there was a month entirely dedicated to raising awareness for issues impacting the health and wellness of men and boys? June will honor the 23rd annual Men’s Health Month. The month also coincides with Men’s Health Week (June 12-18), a special awareness period created by Congress, and the #ShowUsYourBlue campaign on June […]

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a little dab'll do youA NextGen Vasectomy with Some Stick to It

If you thought that “plastics” were a hit in America, take a look at gel technology. Who can forgot those Brylcreem hair gel ads in the 60’s touting “A little dab’ll do ya,” and oh so neatly donned by President Reagan. Then, a decade or two ago, testosterone gels hit the market big time for male […]

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marijuana affects male fertilityWinding Your Way Through Weed

California. The Golden State. The Wild West. A place of unique firsts: The Frisbee, TV and radio broadcasts, the enclosed mall, the seedless watermelon, the vacuum tube, freeway gas stations, supermarkets and Barbie. Not bad eh? In 1996, California was also the first state to legalize medical pot, sparking a trend that now includes 25 other states. […]

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sex in the 10th decadeSex in the 10th Decade

He was close to 90 years old and came to see me wondering whether he could still have sex. A widower for several decades, he had just met a “younger” woman, a sprite 75 year old, and he was feeling things he hadn’t felt for years. There was fire in his loins. What impressed me most about […]

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