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libido + erectionLibido and Erections: Birds of a Feather

I take care of lots of men with erection dysfunction. I also take care of lots of men with low sex drive. And, as you can imagine, I see a lot of men with both issues. And this is where men’s health gets really interesting. Inside My Mind I think of erections and libido as […]

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The Art of Choosing Wisely

Certain stories really raise my eyebrows. A patient recently told me about how he had seen three orthopedic surgeons who told him that he needed hip surgery for pain that began when he was chaperoning on a Boy Scout outing. He then saw a chiropractor who thought that his hip was slightly out of rotation and […]

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Getting Snipped and Getting Cancer

You’re done with the kid thing and thinking of getting your wings clipped. What can go wrong early on after a vasectomy is pretty understandable and, fortunately, quite uncommon. But what about later on, say many years afterwards? Anything you should worry about? Worry Wart I get asked this all the time by patient’s considering […]

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improve sexual healthEffective Ways to Improve Your Sexual Health

Being in a relationship may require you to be sexually active, and you will want to enjoy this part of life in the process. However, the challenges of getting older can make this more difficult for many men. In fact, studies show that 50% of men begin to have erectile dysfunction at around the age […]

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shaving pubic hair can increase STD riskPubic Hair Removal May Increase STDs

If your personal grooming habits include “going bare down there” beware – a new study finds those who indulge in a Brazilian bikini wax or other forms of grooming pubic hair are three to four times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) including herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV) or syphilis. The study wanted […]

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