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life on steroidsToo Scared to Stop Steroids

He looked great. Ripped, tan and handsome, he appeared straight off the cover of Men’s Health magazine. But inside he wasn’t feeling as good as he looked. Something was missing…the desire to be a dad usurped his feeling for fine fettle. Muscle Juice “I was juicing by the book for years to bodybuild,” he started out. “I […]

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Fatherhood, Sex, Substance Abuse

marijuana affects male fertilityWinding Your Way Through Weed

California. The Golden State. The Wild West. A place of unique firsts: The Frisbee, TV and radio broadcasts, the enclosed mall, the seedless watermelon, the vacuum tube, freeway gas stations, supermarkets and Barbie. Not bad eh? In 1996, California was also the first state to legalize medical pot, sparking a trend that now includes 25 other states. […]

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Substance Abuse

Five Signs that Your Child May Have an Alcohol or Drug Addiction

When you are a parent, it is important to take the time to pay attention to what your teenager is doing. Teens are partying earlier than ever and less afraid of the consequences that can come with hardcore partying with MDMA and alcohol abuse. It is important to know the signs of alcohol or drug […]

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Substance Abuse

Three Ways to Help Your Loved One Facing Addiction

Addiction can be tough not only on the person who is suffering from the illness but on the family as well. When you have a loved one who is dealing with any type of addiction, you want to tread lightly to avoid worsening their condition. Addictions can show up in all different ways and have […]

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Health, Substance Abuse

Dealing with Friends Who Might Have Addiction Issues

Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. It is inconceivable that there is anyone in the world who has more than one degree of separation from someone with addiction issues. There are no longer any neighborhoods where the discovery of drug trafficking should come as a surprise. There are no parents who should be shocked that […]

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