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samadi tessticular implantTesticular Implant: Is It For You?

The go-to treatment in most cases of testicular cancer is the surgical removal of the affected testicle. This procedure will keep the scrotal sac in place so that everything will look (just about) the same on the outside. But many men opt to replace the missing testicle with a prosthesis, a testicular implant. Although common […]

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The Facts of Testicular Cancer

One of the most famous cases in recent history of a man with testicular cancer is when professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with the disease in 1996.  Less than a month before his 25th birthday, he was given the diagnosis and the very next day had his testicle removed.  To make matters […]

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Does the Good Wood Have Ears?

“You know, Doc, there are times when I lose my erection…just like that. It happens when I’m really stressed out. It’s like the penis has ears or something!” Say it aint so! Can the penis really “hear” stress and go flat because of it? The Good Wood This reminds me of another scenario in which the […]

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Why Have Two in The Corner Pocket?

Growing up as a kid, you expect to find two jewels right where they belong down there. And about the size of small grapes. But did you know that 2% of boys at birth are missing a testicle? It’s just not there in the sac. Yup, undescended testicles  are the most common genital birth defect. That […]

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Male “Prenatal” Vitamins: More Than Just a Pill

For how long have women been taking “prenatal” vitamins? Maybe a decade? Nope. A link between vitamin deficiency and pregnancy outcomes was postulated 70 years ago! And studies showing fewer neural tube defects in babies following maternal folic acid supplementation are now almost 40 years old. Indeed, prenatal vitamins have become a clutch player in the world of preventative medicine. […]

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