Have a Glass of Orange Juice, Lower Your Blood Pressure

A certain amount of pressure within the vessels of our body helps the blood reach all the necessary channels and feed the cells. Blood transports vitamins, mineral, water, oxygen, and food to all the nooks and crannies of the body. Each individual has a range in their blood pressure that is normal for them. Blood pressure is not static, but fluctuates up and down daily.

The Rise and Fall of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure circulates the blood. Lots of exercise means there is a need for more blood for muscles and nerves to work at maximum efficiency. The body monitors this constantly so sitting for extraordinary lengths of time causes high blood pressure because the body senses parts of it is not getting enough blood flow and so it constricts vessels to channel blood to those areas.

Getting a blood pressure monitor when one is a young adult can teach one about their body, what stresses them out, and what range in pressure comes normal for them. During sleep and upon rising a person’s blood pressure is usually at its lowest for the day.  Blood pressure changes within seconds after lying down, sitting up or standing with lying down making for the lowest pressure. Strenous exercise done over a long period of time continuously can temporarily create high blood pressure as well. Cold rooms make blood pressure rise since more heat is needed in the extremities.  Emotional states such as anxiety, stress and anger make blood pressure rise. Equally relaxing, laughing, meditating, and joy lower blood pressure.

Food Makes a Difference

Watching the weight within reason in some individuals makes a difference in their blood pressure, but not all. Every person is different, and blood pressure depends on more than total calorie consumption. Individual foods and drinks can have a dramatic effect upon individual’s blood pressure. Here is the positive way to affect the blood pressure. Eat more fruit and vegetables.  Foods known to lower blood pressure are celery, nuts, garlic, and onions, vegetables with high calcium and magnesium content, legumes, foods rich in vitamin C, berries and grapes. For quick relief four to six ribs of celery is the best choice since an abundance of 3-n-butylphthalide lowers blood pressure rapidly.

Vitamins and Minerals

Common over the counter items can lower blood pressure. Potassium in small amounts lowers it rapidly in pill form, but any foods having high potassium levels will. Calcium tablets relax the muscles in the blood vessels lowering blood pressure with a few grams. Magnesium if enough potassium is in the system with a 600 mg a day supplement lowers blood pressure. Vitamin C supplements of 500 mg work as well.  A more long term approach is taking 1000 mg.

Erin Miller is a Copywriter and Social Media Coordinator with Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc. in Marcy, NY. Well-versed in Marketing, Erin enjoys researching and writing about current health related topics and products to share with Mountainside’s online community.

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