Hep C Resource Aims To Educate Patients, HCPs, and Advocates

Recently in the news, you may have seen some coverage surrounding Hep C, particularly why Baby Boomers should be tested for the disease. Why? Because often times, people living with Hep C develop little to no symptoms. If left undiagnosed, Hep C can cause major damage to your liver and other major organs. This is why it’s so critical that the disease be caught sooner rather than later.

If you have been diagnosed with Hep C, it can be quite a task to come to terms with the diagnosis. Telling family, understanding how to manage the disease, and understanding the disease in general can be a lot to take in. To help with this process, a new website called helps to educate patients diagnosed with Hep C, as well as family members, health care providers and caregivers. It really is a one-stop-shop in terms of the amount of resources and materials available.

truthcard_Lifestyle, launched by Boehringer Ingelheim, features countless articles, fact sheets, and “truth cards” that can help those affected by Hep C to better understand their condition and make informed decisions about their health. Of course patients diagnosed with Hep C should also speak with their doctor before making any major changes in their life.

For example, some of the articles included on the site are, “8 Vital Records to Keep Track Of,” “Sharing Your Diagnosis With Those Close To You,” “3 Important FAQs About The Spread of Hep C,” and more. Additionally, the “truth cards,” images with short, informative information meant for sharing, include “What Should Caregivers Know About Transmission Risk?” “What Should I Know About How Hep C Is Spread?” and “What Key Hep C Facts Should I Know About?”

If you haven’t yet checked out the site, visit, share some of the truth cards via your social media sites and help spread the word about this resource to patients, advocacy groups, health care providers, and others who might be interested in learning more about this disease.

Hep C Redefined

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Author: Alex Orton

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