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Child Custody 101

Dear Mr. Dad: After three children and 16 years of marriage, my wife and I are splitting up. We’re getting along pretty well right now and are trying to figure out how to divide custody in a fair way. What are our options?

A: Start by taking a look at last week’s column on co-parenting plans. Among the most common questions I get from divorcing people are, “Where are the kids going to live?” and “With whom, and how much time will they be able to spend with each parent?” While the answers to both questions are critical, an equitable custody schedule is only one component of your overall post-marriage life.

As far as the law is concerned, there are only two types of custody: legal and physical. Everything else is details. The parent with legal custody is the one has the right—and responsibility—to make decisions about anything that affects the children’s health, education, and welfare. The parent with physical custody is the one with whom the child lives. Unfortunately, too many people (especially fathers) don’t understand the difference between legal and physical custody and, as a result, they end up with an unfair settlement. Within those two broad categories, there are a variety of different alternatives. Here are the most common:

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epigeneticsThe Epigenetics Gold Rush: You Are More Than Just a Pile of Genes

Did you think that 2017 was a wild year? Me too. In so many ways, the improbable became reality. And, I have to admit, this includes science: It was a breathtaking year for epigenetics research.

If you recall, epigenetics is the study of how our genes are switched on and off and is a field that came to light after the human genome project was completed in 2003. In the past decade and a half, we have learned that we are much more than just a pile of genes and chromosomes. In fact, much of what we call health, disease and inheritance has more to do with how our genes are switched on and off rather than how they are mutated or altered. What’s also clear is that environmental cues such as diet, disease and lifestyle play a much greater role in switching genes on and off than we ever thought.

Truly, what we learned about epigenetics this past year was spectacular. It has literally been an epigenetics gold rush similar to Bitcoin madness. Here are some highlights.

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erection problems and solutionsErectile Dysfunction Solutions

These treatments can help restore your sex life.

Sexuality is an important part of the human experience, which is why a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) can be troubling for men and many couples. The good news is that there are many options to consider.

“As couples age, they may lose intimacy unnecessarily,” says urologist Stanton Honig, MD, director of the Yale Medicine Male Sexual Medicine Program. “They might not know that there are treatments to help them restore it, especially if oral medications don’t work.”

ED, or impotence, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. While the condition most commonly affects older men (more than 50 percent of men over 40 have ED), it can occur at any age. “I see young men—students in college—all the way to men in their 80s for ED,” says Yale Medicine urologist Harris Foster, MD.

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White Boy: A Summer Job and the Making of Manhood, Part II


Over the next few days, I got better at my job. I became familiar with the dinky and organized all aspects of the reconditioning process. My arms and hands began to grow accustomed to the work. By the end of the first week, my daily output of reconditioned bags began to exceed the average daily number of freshly damaged bags. I began to make a dent in the pile.

Yet there was still much to learn about the warehouse and the men within it. I first observed and explored the warehouse layout.



The loading dock was the central focus of warehouse activity. Every day, numbers of large, flat-bed trucks would back into the dock to be loaded with chemicals to be shipped to customers. In order to park a truck in exactly the right position, the driver depended upon the warehousemen, who used a strange and specialized language for this function. With practiced gestures for forward, back, and to the side, and with piercing shouts of “Wah!,” and “Way!” and “Ow!,” they quickly coaxed every truck to within an inch of the dock threshold. I never understood the meanings of these terms.
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coparenting planPutting Together a Co-Parenting Plan

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and I are getting divorced. Unfortunately, we’re so angry at each other that we can no longer even be in the same room together. Fortunately, despite our anger, we still understand how important each of us is to our children—and how important our children are to each of us. Do you think we’ll be able to come up with a parenting plan that works for everyone? And if so, how do we do that?

A: The quick answer to your first question is a definite Yes. The fact that you and your husband can’t stand each other is irrelevant. The two of you are putting your children and their needs first, and that’s the biggest predictor of not only your ability to create a good plan, but also of how well your children will cope with your divorce. As to the second question, here are some steps you can take that will help you build a successful, long-lasting co-parenting relationship.

  • Hire a collaborative lawyer. Too often, divorce is an expensive, soul-crushing, adversarial process. It doesn’t have to be. Collaborative lawyers focus on helping their clients find common ground, minimize legal expenses, and come up with settlements that work for both parties.
  • Think of your soon-to-be-ex as a business partner. The children, of course, are a successful business that neither of you wants to destroy.


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Dr. Tom Berger of the Veteran Health Council discusses military mental health and drugs

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