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I laughed at my thinning hair

I’m serious. I looked in the mirror and I saw, for the thousandth time, the stealthy retreat of my hairline and the patch of thinning hair that spoke this message to me: You are getting older, J. For years, I noticed the gradual change in my hairline with a bit of dread. It didn’t matter […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing, Part 1: Testosterone, Prostate Cancer, and BaldnessToo Much of a Good Thing, Part 1: Testosterone, Prostate Cancer, and Baldness

Men whose hairlines have drastically receded early in life have a significantly higher risk of developing prostate cancer later on. But before you jump to any conclusions, understand that this is one of those causation-vs.-correlation things. In other words, baldness doesn’t cause prostate cancer and prostate cancer doesn’t cause baldness. But it appears that the […]

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Got hair? If not, you’ve got an increased prostate cancer risk

Researchers at the University of Toronto just published findings that showed that bald men who had prostate biopsies were more likely to have tumors than their harrier brothers. “Bald men should be aware that they may benefit from being screened earlier and perhaps, if necessary, from being biopsied sooner,” said lead author, Dr. Neil Fleshner.”In […]

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